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It would seem that such is the life of a king? Power, influence, feasts and receptions, the fulfillment of any of your desires … But it is equally obvious that this is also a huge responsibility, the need to make complex decisions and bear responsibility for them. Yes, Your Grace is about this side of royal life.

So, we act as King Eric, ruler of the medieval kingdom of Davern. And he has a problem. However, it’s already one fact that Eric has three daughter’s legs at once – this is one continuous headache. Not only do they often quarrel among themselves, but they also have to wrestle with whom to marry them. To make it so that first of all your state benefits from a profitable marriage? Or listen to the opinions of the girls themselves, who, naturally, are not eager to become a bargaining chip in political intrigues?

Directly with the daughters is the second problem. Once Eric and his wife, under the yoke of circumstances, promised the king of barbaric Radovia to give him one of his girls. And they hoped that he had forgotten about it – in any case, they did not want to give their blood to the barbarian. But the king of Radovia did not forget. And when he realized that Eric was not going to keep his promise voluntarily, he declared war on Daverna. Now for the allotted time (the whole game is divided into weeks) we need to have time to prepare for it well – to conclude as many unions as possible and gather the necessary number of troops. Indeed, Davern itself is a small and not very rich state.

From all this, the third problem follows. In the first minutes of the game, preparing for war, according to the plot, we conclude an alliance with King Talis, who is ready to provide 3,000 soldiers, provided that the eldest daughter Eric will marry his son. But at the wedding, Talis was poisoned. The daughter still got married and left, but in order to get the promised army, we need to investigate and find the culprit for the time remaining before the start of the main battle.
Not enough health at all
The main ways to solve problems are to enter into alliances, accept petitions every week and rebuild the kingdom. The strategic part is the most boring. There are four main parameters – gold, troops, supplies, and population satisfaction. And there is not a very large list of actions (mainly buildings and events) that can reduce fines to them or, conversely, guarantee an increase. For example, training sites will give 10 soldiers a week, and a carnival will significantly increase the level of endorphin in the blood of all residents of Davern. Also, periodically, gold and supplies can be taken on credit.

With petitions and allies, everything is much more interesting. Every week we receive our subjects who seek help. Somewhere the village is being terrorized by bandits, somewhere by fire or crop failures, someone has lost a son, someone asks for money to open an inhouse or tavern, promising to share profits. And everyone asks to give them either money or supplies or send our general to resolve the situation.

But helping everyone will not work. Yes, and the general is at first our only adviser, only then a witch and another agent will join him, who can be sent to investigate “points of interest” and resolve other situations on the global map. Therefore, you have to think about whom and how to help. Moreover, not all of the petitioners came with pure intentions – there are frank crooks, and local madmen, and fraudsters-traders.
Between the devil and the deep sea
And the Lords (they must be invited with the help of the pigeon mail) are sure to be asked to render them a service – only in this case they will send their troops to defend against Radovia. And very often, these requests intersect with the interests of other lords. One, for example, asked to stop the trade in the “ashes of the Oracle”, which was established by another nobleman, and he, in turn, claims that this is not a drug at all.

Another lord wants to bring to the open water a boastful “dragon fighter” telling all fake stories about his exploits and battles with monsters. And we have to choose which side to take. By the way, in this bike, and in some other situations, there are ironic references to The Witcher. Well, in general, everything is in order in the game with humor – residents of three neighboring villages, fearing that their children are specially fed for Baba Yaga, will not be allowed to lie.
From women around the head …
In addition to all these royal concerns, Eric has to constantly be distracted by communicating with his daughters and his wife. Girls, as I said, quarrel and even put feces on each other’s bed. Elder Lorsulia is very worried about the fact that she was given in marriage without her consent. And after leaving, he begins to write letters that need to be answered. Azalea (mediocre) escapes to other people’s weddings, rushes around the castle with a sword and even makes friends with a girl from Radonia – having learned about this, Eric naturally faints. And this is not the first time.

Senadi, the youngest, the most amusing and touching, constantly drags some living creatures into the house – either a hedgehog, then a snail, or a fox – and announces it as his new pet. This is instead of Dust, a cat that will leave after the wedding with her older sister. Moreover, the daughter claims that she trains her pets and toys as scouts, in order to then steal Lorsulia and bring her back home. All this is spelled out so sincerely and sweetly that you feel real sympathy for Senadi, and for Eric’s whole family.

Yes, Yes, Your Grace is not so much a strategy with elements of a text quest, or vice versa, but at the same time a funny and sad (and maybe tragic) story of the royal family, which I really want to keep intact.

Pros: the story of the royal family of Eric is not just captivating – you start to worry sincerely for these people; many situations where you need to make a difficult choice; relevant humor and ironic references; nice “pixel” picture; pleasant music.

Cons: weak strategic part; obviously not everyone will like the strange voice acting (well, with the exception of the touching voice of Senadi); low-quality Russian translation.

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