Xiaomi Smart Door Bell 2: $ 30 door lock for smart home

As part of the Mi Fan Festival 2020 event, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi, the door locks Smart Door Bell 2 and Smart Door Bell Lite Edition for the modern smart home have been announced.

The oldest of the two new products, Xiaomi Smart Door Bell 2, contains an outdoor unit with a camera and a bell button, as well as a voice communication system. Thus, the owner of the home can communicate with the guest, not even going to the door.

The camera is capable of transmitting video in Full HD; provides a field of view angle of 100 degrees. Artificial intelligence allows you to highlight the silhouettes of people from a distance of up to five meters.

The image from the call camera can be transmitted to a smartphone or smart display. Supported work with intelligent voice assistant XiaoAI.

The Smart Door Bell Lite Edition model has similar functionality, but is capable of transmitting video only in HD format. The range is limited to three meters.

Acceptance of orders for smart locks has already begun. The price is around $ 30 and $ 15 respectively.

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