Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro will not be released in Europe

In February, Xiaomi introduced the flagship Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro for the Chinese market.
After that, the company’s fans were waiting for the release in the Western markets, but it seems that many will be disappointed

Stalo izvestno, chto ryad stran, naprimer Velikobritaniya i Indiya, poluchat tol’ko standartnyy Xiaomi Mi 10, kotoryy budet stoit’ $820. Ob etom soobshchayet Gizchina. Tsennik pochti v dva raza vyshe ustanovlennogo v Kitaye. Vozmozhno, iz-za takogo skachka tsen proizvoditel’ ne khochet vypuskat’ v zarubezhnykh magazinakh boleye dorogoy Mi 10 Pro. Ofitsial’no neizvestno, kakiye strany nachnut poluchat’ gadzhety Xiaomi. Nachalo mirovykh prodazh lineyki Xiaomi Mi 10 zaplanirovano na 28 marta. Sudya po vsemu, blizhe k etoy date stanet ponyatno, nachnet li kompaniya vypuskat’ svoy topovyy flagman na Zapade.
It became known that a number of countries, such as the UK and India, will receive only the standard Xiaomi Mi 10, which will cost $ 820. It is reported by Gizchina.

The price tag is almost two times higher than that in China. Perhaps due to such a jump in prices, the manufacturer does not want to produce the more expensive Mi 10 Pro in foreign stores.

It is not officially known which countries will begin to receive Xiaomi gadgets. The start of global sales of the Xiaomi Mi 10 line is scheduled for March 28. Apparently, closer to this date it will become clear whether the company will start releasing its top-end flagship in the West.

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