Why you need to update applications on your smartphone

Older versions of the Chrome browser are very insecure – through their vulnerabilities, hackers can even steal your personal data. Qrator Labs experts told how Google is testing its application and why it is important to install updates on time.

Mobile device manufacturers are trying to support as many versions of modern applications as possible, but many of them still stop updating on older devices. To a greater extent, this applies to the most popular browser in the world – Google Chrome. At the moment, there are entire parks of devices on which old versions of the browser work, and new ones are not available. These older versions of browsers contain vulnerabilities that could lead to the leak of personal data and financial information.

On the other hand, on many devices, Chrome continues to be actively updated, due to which Google is allegedly conducting A / B testing of the browser on users.
Everyone is used to thinking that when a new version of the browser comes out, all computers are automatically updated to it. However, this is not quite true. Google simultaneously releases two minor versions of the Chrome browser (affecting less significant improvements and improvements) and some user devices are upgraded to one, half to the other. Most likely, this is done to test the new version of the QUIC protocol, which is already supported in Google Chrome.

The Chrome test situation shows how Google is developing a new generation of network protocols. In this way, it is revealed in which version of Chrome responsiveness is better, where various network parameters work better, which user opens the page faster. For users, this situation is significant from the point of view that for two separate people, sites can start to open a little differently. It is also an indicator of how quickly Google (or other companies, for example, Telegram) can deploy a new protocol, for example, to bypass locks, on all devices in the world.


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