What is amazon prime now? How Much a Subscription Costs Now?

They say free cheese only happens in a mousetrap. However, in our time, in order to attract attention, many still have to share this very free cheese with everyone. Otherwise nothing – the client will go to the competitor.

This is exactly What is amazon prime now online store, the most popular among online shoppers, does, attracting new customers not only with discounts, low prices and other standard tools, but also with interesting offers that can be used even from overseas.

The most important and interesting offer for parcel customers from the retail giant is its Amazon Prime fast delivery program.

Amazon Prime is a service that provides users with free two-day delivery on all products that Amazon itself sells, as well as on a small portion of what third-party merchants sell on Amazon.

How to determine which product is affected by Prime:

Amazon Prime and how does it work
All products marked with a blue Prime icon are subject to this program and are available for free two-day delivery. And if you pay another $ 3.99 on top, they will be delivered within one day – such a time frame, this is really something unusual for e-commerce.

As a matter of fact, where does the free cheese come from, and where is this very mousetrap that everyone is afraid of?

Let’s start with the mousetrap. It’s very small and not at all scary: the annual Amazon Prime subscription costs $ 99.

And cheese is a free monthly test period that gives you all the same advantages as a full-fledged subscription, but it does not cost any money. The whole charm of the program is that any person from anywhere in the world can use the free month of the Prime function without any consequences, and then, again, without any consequences, refuse the annual subscription and not pay a cent. Moreover, you can “ride” on such a carousel every 13 months – you have used free membership, canceled your subscription, a year and one month has passed – we will issue a free subscription again.

However, Amazon Prime is not the usual entertainment that a major retailer has prepared for its customers from the former Soviet Union. This is a very popular program that helps active buyers save money and receive goods well not due to certain circumstances, but precisely when they need it.

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Who Should Pay $ 99 for an Amazon Prime Annual Membership?

Speaking frankly, Prime is imprisoned for the convenience of Americans who use Amazon if not daily, then at least weekly. This service is useless for most of the Parcel customers – it simply will not justify itself. See for yourself – if you make more than 2-3 purchases on Amazon every month, then you will be able to pay back the invested 99 dollars by receiving a free two-day and discounted one-day delivery. If there are no such volumes of purchases, a Prime subscription will be a waste of money.

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Who Shouldn’t Pay for an Annual Prime Membership?

Obviously, people who make several or even one purchase per year.

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Who should include a thirty-day free trial period?

Absolutely everyone, because you will not spend anything on it, but quickly get your Amazon parcels!

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How to give up Amazon Prime?

It would seem that everyone – caught the hook of smart businessmen – missed the point in the agreement and goodbye 99 dollars! However, things are a little different in America. If you missed the nuance that after the free period you will have to pay for Amazon Prime, and you don’t want to, the store will cancel your subscription and return the money without any questions or problems. Moreover, Amazon will return the money, even if you have already managed to use the free delivery – it will simply charge you about $ 6 for one month of use and return the remaining money to the card.

There is nothing easier than abandoning amazon prime – basically, any customer can do this task in a matter of moments.

In order to refuse Amazon Prime and return $ 99, simply click on the End Membership button (Your Account -> Settings -> Manage Your Prime Membership).

give up Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime Features

In general, this program implies a wider range of services, however, for residents of the CIS they simply are not relevant. The only thing that matters to us is:

Two-day delivery – free
One-day delivery – $ 3.99
Additional Prime Benefits
the ability to borrow from Amazon many free e-books for their line of Kindle readers;

access to Amazon Prime video – a huge number of TV shows and films in high quality are completely free. You can also listen to your favorite tunes without ads and on demand with access to the Prime Music library, where there are more than two million songs;

The ability to upgrade your subscription to Amazon Student or Mom. This will give a certain set of discounts in certain categories of goods – from 5 to 20%. However, few people order diapers and other household items from the USA to Russia, so Mom and Student are also not particularly relevant for us.

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Amazon prime day 2020

In addition to inexpensive delivery, access to an endless library of content, Amazon Prime annually pleases its subscribers with a special event – Amazon Prime Day. On this day, Amazon will pick up a huge wave of discounts on a wide variety of products exclusively for Prime subscribers. Discounts will be on everything from electronics to clothing. The store places the greatest emphasis on deals (deals), when a discount is established for a certain product over time. Managed to buy – great saved. Do not have time – look for another interesting offer.

Amazon Prime Day

The main feature of Amazon Prime Day is that there really will be a lot of such offers. Even more than Black Friday. Therefore, we recommend that you become a Prime subscriber by checking out Amazon for your discount on this day!

How much is Amazon Prime?

he membership fee for Amazon Prime is $119 per year or $12.99 per month.

What comes free with Prime?

Members receive benefits which include FREE fast shipping for eligible purchases, streaming of movies, TV shows and music, exclusive shopping deals and selection, unlimited reading

How do you get Amazon Prime for free?

Amazon Prime 30 Day FREE Trial. ... Sign Up for Amazon Prime Student Membership Trial. ... Earn Cash Back with Amazon Credit or Store Cards. ... Sign Up For Sprint Cell Phone Plan. ... Become an Amazon Associate. ... Hope for a Late Arrival. ... Sign Up With New Email Accounts. ... Use Amazon Mom.

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