Ubuntu Touch can now be installed on Redmi Note 7

Gone are the days when modding was popular among fans of Android smartphones. Although the community still exists, it is limited due to the reorganization of Android over the years. Based on the foregoing, downloading another OS as a whole on an Android smartphone has always been a difficult task. Fortunately, a developer named erfanoadbi successfully ported Ubuntu Touch for Redmi Note 7.

From the very beginning, Xiaomi smartphones have been popular in the modding community, especially on Qualcomm chipsets. And therefore, Redmi Note 7 is no exception and officially supports many custom ROMs. At the moment, all user firmware available for this device is based on Android, like any other phone. But now, a year after its release, the phone can finally download Ubuntu Touch.

The developer managed to port Ubuntu Touch for Redmi using the existing Fxtec Pro 1 port based on Project Halium. Nevertheless, this project at the moment is only a confirmation of the concept, since so far only Wifi and an accelerated display are working.

Since the installation process is not easy for the average user, it is better to wait for a simple installation method.

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