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Top 10 Best Kids’ Phones, Smartphone for Teens – 2020 Year

We will not let in the reasoning about the benefit or harm of using smartphones by children. This article is for those who have no doubt about the expediency or need to purchase an electronic gadget for their children, and decides only which smartphone to choose for the child. We will try to help and present our rating of the best smartphones for children offered by the Russian market.

Your buying guide for the best kids’ phones in 2019

Basic criteria for choosing a good smartphone for a child?

Cost. Practice shows that smartphones at children long do not “live”. And owing to absolutely different reasons. And hardly we will strongly be mistaken if we as one of the main parent selection terms set the price of a mobile device.
Age of the child. Younger school students have the understanding of the “abrupt” smartphone, and at teenagers of the requirement absolutely others.

  1. Security. For the active child of 7-8 years, perhaps, it makes sense to select the smartphone protected from blows – he will live longer.
  2. Sound camera. The photo and a selfie became an integral part of life of children, so let it will be bright and qualitative.
    Processor and random access memory.
  3. Children are more impatient than adults and that work of the started applications did not cause irritation and aspiration immediately to demand the new smartphone, the processor it is desirable to have bright, as well as sufficient random access memory capacity.
  4. Accumulator capacity. Modern application are demanded by many energy and therefore smartphones are discharged with a surprising speed, and children just forget about need of recharge. Therefore, capacious battery important factor.
  5. Design and operating system. The appearance of smartphones in general is similar, but nuances and personal preferences are always important. Models became universal both for boys and for girls, and the difference of a floor can be emphasized with color of the case. The abundance of OS was replaced by a diarchy: Android and iOS.
  6. Relevance. That it was not necessary to change the smartphone in a year, to the child is more senior better to select the models popular in 2019 in which existence 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS is must-have.

The best smartphones for children – according to the editorial office “Price Expert”

Prestigio Wize Q3

The available smartphone which for certain will be pleasant to your child the stylish appearance and four options of a coloring will help it to be selected against the background of friends. The recommended model differs in a fashionable ratio of the parties 18:9 thanks to what the gadget will be convenient to owners and small palms, even despite the almost five-inch screen. Smartphones from the considered price range extremely seldom are equipped with good cameras. It is more pleasant to those that removes Prestigio Wize Q3 with acceptable quality. Moreover, the ZSD mode is ready to save future “masterpieces” from smearings (shooting with zero delay of operation of a lock). Really useful counter, but an auto focus along with it does not work, i.e. instantly to imprint very close objects it will not turn out. From other advantages it is worth mentioning the removable rechargeable battery. Rather silent earpiece can upset.

  • Conditionally frame-free design;
  • Ability to remove without delay;
  • 4 color solutions;
  • Removable battery.

  • The talk speaker is quiet, multimedia located at the rear;
  • Cannot work in 4G networks;
  • Noticeable heating under load;
  • Display on a matrix of type TN.

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ZTE Blade L8

As a rule, inexpensive smartphones can seldom brag of the sound GSM module. In this sense of Blade L8 is the pleasant exception which is not losing touch even in places with a bad covering. If you have no opportunity to be constantly near the child or do not see need for total control, provide the child with a well-tried remedy of communication. The recommended smartphone provides basic functionality therefore will be relevant for children of younger school age. In other words, it does not support network 4G, is not expected a little serious game application, removes frankly poorly. If the high-speed Internet after all is desirable, pay attention to Blade A3.

  • Runs on Android Go;
  • Bright screen;
  • Confidently keeps in touch;
  • Removable battery;
  • A metal cover;
  • A separate slot for the memory card.

  • Fourth generation networks do not support;
  • Low-power filling;
  • Mediocre autonomy.

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Digma HIT Q401 3G

The following smartphone is not just very easy and small, it also is devilishly attractive in the financial plan. Unfortunately, low price is caused by use of the most budget component parts for what only the vendor managed to find. Mainly told concerns a display part. Not only that in it there is a TN matrix with a bad color rendition and modest viewing angles, the quality of a touch layer also is in poor shape. We strongly recommend to check attentively a touchscreen directly upon purchase, the benefit that such opportunity is provided by a firmware.

The second reason of low cost — lack of the charger in a device set. Noncritically, if the smartphone with the microUSB connector in family the second or third, but it is unpleasant. The stuffing is low-power, autonomy so-so, in networks 4G the Digma HIT Q401 model is not able to work. For the child of 7-8 years, we consider, it is the good inexpensive smartphone. Children of more advanced age, most likely, will want more advanced gadget.

  • 4 color solutions;
  • Removable battery;
  • Separate slots for sims and memory cards;
  • An attractive price tag.

  • Low quality display;
  • There is no charger in the kit;
  • Weak battery;
  • The main speaker on the back panel.

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Xiaomi Redmi Go

A good smartphone for a middle-aged boy. On the one hand, it is compact enough to hold in small palms and relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, a little more advanced in terms of opportunities than the products of third-tier producers. At a minimum, allows you to launch many toys and it is quite acceptable to photograph.

  • Acceptable performance for this price category;
  • Good screen;
  • A dedicated slot for the memory card.

  • Only optimized applications will work without “brakes.”

The talking name explicitly indicates the use of a lightweight version of the operating system, which is designed to run on a weak iron and with specially optimized applications. Note at this point your boy ‘s attention so he doesn ‘t “bet” what got out of Google Play. We have not for nothing explicitly indicated the sex of the child. As reviews show, girls boring design Redmi Go is not to their liking.

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Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) SM-J120F/DS

The Samsung smartphones became for a long time classics therefore it will be pleasant to child to become the owner of the gadget from the known brand. It is supplied with everything that is necessary for comfortable communication by phone and the Internet: 4th the nuclear processor, Android 5.1, 4G of LTE, 2 cameras and the screen the multi-touch with diagonal 4.5 inches. The model differs in the bright, beautiful display with a good color rendition. The easy smartphone conveniently lays down in a hand, quickly works and does not heat up. The available cameras, certainly, will not be suitable for the serious photographer, but will allow to make quite worthy photos for Instagram. Fine option which parents can offer the child as a good inexpensive alternative to the iPhone.

  • Good speed of operation;
  • Optimal value for money;
  • A well-known brand.

  • Small amount of memory
  • Long-term charging;
  • Weak battery.

8Expert Score

Specially sought a reliable and inexpensive smartphone for the child - decided to take such Samsung, because in terms of price and quality ratio it was really the best option among available on the market.

Normally holds a charge.
Bright screen.
Good camera. (for the money of course)
Perfectly catches communication, almost always 4g.
Quickly finds gps satellites and does not lose them.
Well lies in a hand.
Happens t, but it is rare.
At a conversation in windy weather the interlocutor will badly hear you.
For the money phone excellent. I use 7 months.
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BQ 4001G Cool

Extremely simple ultracompact smartphone for which ask ridiculous money. More or less normal button devices will cost to the family budget not cheaper of BQ 4001G Cool. Considering that this model provides only basic functionality, it is possible to recommend it only for the younger school students who did not evaluate the entertaining potential of “adult” means of communication yet. The stuffing is weak, random access memory frankly a little (it is good though the separate slot under the microSD card is available), but for normal work of light version of Android of resources it is quite enough. Worse business with autonomy. If the child actively uses multimedia or communication opportunities of a device, till evening of one battery charging will definitely not last. From smartphone advantages — several options of a coloring — the boy, and the girl can pick up the best option both.


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BQ BQ-4077 Shark Mini

BQ BQ-4077 Shark Mini
5 990
Further in rating one more smartphone which well will be suitable as the first smartphone in school, especially for the boy of 7-8 years. Normal protected smartphones differ in solid dimensions that automatically does them inconvenient for small children’s hands. The recommended model, on the contrary, draws attention with unexpected compactness. Construction of BQ-4077 Shark Mini provides protection of class IP65, i.e. phone is completely impenetrable for dust and successfully resists to multidirectional water jets. In network there is even a review in which this smartphone is dropped on asphalt from decent height and dip it into a pool. Generally, the increased survivability really is available for “a little shark”. From other advantages of separate mentioning only the capacious battery deserves. The stuffing is a low-power, chamber part extremely modest (interpolation plus lack of an auto focus), cellular networks 4G are not supported, the slot for cards — and that hybrid.

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Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Your child will not be deceived in the best expectations, having received for personal use the smartphone Redmi 6A. Of course, unless he asked me to buy him an iPhone. Launching most popular toys is not an unsustainable task for this model. Removes the recommended smartphone also know how, and even normal sound when recording video engineers Xiaomi finally learned to highlight. The long time of operation phones of the “folk” brand have long been famous, although on junior versions of the budget employees the manufacturer in this sense saves. In principle, a fully charged Redmi 6A will easily survive the day of active exploitation. By nutrition a significant “minus” one – fast charging smartphone does not support. The second drawback is the living proximity sensor. It will have to be adapted to it, otherwise the frequent disconnection of the microphone during conversations and other consequences of accidental pressing on the screen are guaranteed.

  • A sufficiently productive filling;
  • Good quality of performance;
  • A separate slot for the memory card.

  • Speaker on the rear side;
  • Duration of charging;
  • Fuzzy operation of proximity sensor.


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Meizu M5c

The beautiful and multifunction smartphone which many compare to the iPhone on convenience of work. The compact, nice on the touch color case from polycarbonate is steady against damages. The bright sensitive screen with the diagonal of 5 inches is well browsed at any angle an inclination. 32 GB of an internal memory allow to set enough applications. The original interface (the Flyme operating system which many compare to iOS is used), the MT rear camera 8, high performance and beautiful appearance make it similar to expensive smartphones of the most known brands that will be pleasant to the child of any age. Trace that the child removed a paper clip for extraction of a sim card to the reliable place, otherwise she risks to be lost at once.

  • 4G LTE;
  • 2 sim cards;
  • fingerprint scanner;
  • well holds battery power.

  • Minor operating system problems.

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Meizu M6T

If the inexpensive smartphone considered above from Xiaomi is interesting to teenage boys, then the M6T model of a brand of Meizu can be recommended safely to girls is more senior. Even despite larger sizes of phone. And coloring are available for it bright, and the byyuti-mode of the camera will be demanded, and Painter “risovalka”, and with the scanner of prints of problems 10 times less so far as female fingers are usually more whole than men’s.

And at this smartphone the special mode allowing to simplify as much as possible the user cover is provided (in addition to traditional children’s). Heavy toys will go to M6T “with a scratch”, but little girls also are not fond of similar genres. But with autonomy here everything is excellent. Communication surely holds the device. Even is able to work at both ranges of Wi-fi that will be useful in the conditions of an apartment house. From explicit minuses — does not support fast charging.

  • interesting coloring;
  • there is a scanner of prints;
  • useful modes (easy and children’s);
  • dual-band Wi-Fi;
  • decent autonomy.

  • Prolonged charging;
  • The memory card is installed instead of the second character.

Alcatel 1X 5059D

Due to the fact that this smartphone has a simplified mode of the main screen, it can be recommended for beginners, in all senses of this concept. The beauty of such a solution is that the mobile experience of children is acquired quickly, and the model of the 5059D itself is quite interesting both from a technical point of view and in terms of design. Devais is built on a fresh budget chip and will “pull” almost any games with minimal graphics settings. The resolution of the screen is small, but it uses an IPS matrix, so there are no restrictions with angles of view. The amount of RAM will be enough for comfortable operation of the smartphone with a couple of heavy applications in the background. The most significant disadvantage of the apparatus is the only and relatively quiet speaker. Well though he is located on the front of the 1X, and your notations to the disobedient chad his friends will not hear.

  • There is a simplified home screen mode;
  • Knows how to recognize the owner in the face;
  • Supports all current 4G ranges
  • Digital stabilization during video shooting.

  • Only one light speaker;
  • The memory card and the second sim have a common slot;
  • Low resolution screen.

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