Test drive Geely Coolray. The main thing about the new crossover from China

Swedish turbo engine, preselective robot, two displays, remote start and Porsche-style keys – what surprised the Chinese crossover of the Belarusian assembly
The Chinese coronavirus seriously affected the auto industry and prevented a number of new car launches. It’s not just about canceling car dealerships and premieres – even local presentations were threatened, and the test of the new Geely Coolray crossover had to be hastily transferred from Berlin to St. Petersburg.

Fifteen years of the evolution of Chinese models in Russia did not leave any of the brands that once felt our market, and today the brands Geely and Haval argue for conditional leadership in the market. At the end of last year, Haval took the lead, but neither one nor the other brands still had a modern model in the most popular segment of the low-cost crossover market. That is why the Chinese make a special bet on the brand new Geely Coolray, not hesitating to sell it almost more expensive than Creta.

When asked whether the Chinese have learned to make high-quality and modern cars, Geely Coolray responds with a very decent style with a set of design elements that traditional manufacturers rarely decide on. Coolray has interesting diode optics, a two-tone color, a “hanging” roof and a whole bunch of voluminous elements from the complex radiator lining to the intricate plastic of the side panels. The only thing that seems superfluous here is that the bumper’s yawning is too big and the lurid spoiler of the fifth door is a feature of the upper “sports” configuration.

The interior came out not only design, but also quite comfortable. The emphasis is on the driver, and the passenger is even symbolically separated by a grip handle. The steering wheel is truncated from below, the seats have strong lateral support, and a colorful display with very decent graphics is installed in front of the eyes. Another one is on the console, and the graphics here are also beyond praise, and it works quickly. There is no navigation, and from mobile interfaces only your own, which allows you to mirror the screen of the phone, although you can’t do this with the click of a finger.

Test drive Geely Coolray. The main thing about the new crossover from China 1

Another cute feature is the touch-sensitive transmission selector made of cold aluminum. A series of buttons in the Porsche style touches a little, but the set of functions is very serious: the descent assistant, the power plant mode switches, the all-round (!) Camera button and the automatic parking lot, which has more modes than, for example, the Volkswagen counterpart.

But most of all, it’s not the set itself that impresses, but how it is all done. Not only do the materials not cause rejection and do not smell, they are perfectly fitted, and the colors are pleasing to the eye. After pulling away, it turns out that Coolray also has good sound insulation and is very comfortable driving up to speeds at which it is already forbidden to move even along highways.

This is not to say that you feel school in the chassis settings, because in this matter Coolray is full of compromises. Suspension comfort ends on more noticeable irregularities, although the chassis does not rattle on them and does not try to fall apart. Manageability leaves even more questions: if everything is not bad on a straight line, then when you try to actively drive in corners, the driver loses the feeling of a car, and the steering wheel does not provide adequate feedback.

Turning on the sports mode changes the beautiful picture of the devices to an even more beautiful one and pumps the steering wheel with a very dense effort, but this is more like just a decrease in the performance of the electric power amplifier. Nothing really sporty in the habits of the car does not appear, and this is slightly disappointing against the backdrop of a very decent powertrain.

A three-cylinder engine was inherited from Volvo by the Coolray crossover, but there are no jokes here: 1.5 liters, 150 liters. from. (instead of Swedish 170 hp) and a seven-speed “robot” with two clutches. The output of the unit is fast, the character is almost explosive, and the dynamics at the level of 8 s to “hundreds” in this segment is almost never found. “Robot” thinks well and quickly switches in almost any of the modes, except for the cork mode: at the start there are subtle twitches, but you can live with them.

The only thing that Geely Coolray is not enough to fully perform in the crossover segment is all-wheel drive, which does not seem superfluous for a car with a declared ground clearance of 196 millimeters. Even more strange, its absence looks at a price of 1.5 million rubles, which is asked for for the top version of Coolray, although Hyundai Creta at the same cost has a drive for all four.

Another thing is that Coolray not only looks many times brighter and more modern, but also offers a more serious set of equipment. At the car for 1 449 999 rub. There are keyless entry and remote engine start systems, heated front and rear seats, washer nozzles and parts of the windshield, a function for monitoring dead zones, cruise control and a single-zone air conditioning system. Another car is equipped with a panoramic roof with a sunroof, an automatic parking system, a touch media system and a customizable instrument display.

If you abandon the sports surroundings, you can save 50 thousand rubles. A simpler performance called Luxury costs 1,289,999 rubles, but it will have less equipment, simpler decoration and arrow devices. In the future, an even more affordable basic version is expected, which will appear later. So far, we can only assume that the price of the initial car will be a little more than a million rubles, which is quite comparable with the simple Hyundai Creta trim levels.

Geely coolray
Type Crossover
Sizes (length / width / height), mm 4330/1800/1609
Wheelbase, mm 2600
Ground clearance, mm 196
Trunk volume, l 330
Curb weight 1340 kg
Engine type R3, gasoline, turbo
Displacement, cc cm 1477
Max. power, l from. (at rpm) 150 at 5500
Max. cool. moment, N · m (at rpm) 255 at 1500–4000
Type of drive, transmission Front, 7-tbsp. RCP
Max. speed, km / h 190
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, from 8.4
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km (mixed) 6.1

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