Prior to iOS 13.4, Apple updated its iPhone and iPad

USA, Mar 25, 2020 / LIVE24/. Apple has released an operating system update for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.
One of the main innovations is the ability to provide specific users access to folders in iCloud. However, this is not the only “trick” update. What happened has been waiting for the owners of the “apple” tablets – Apple has added full support for the bear and trackpad in the iPad. The limited cursor activation function appeared in the previous version of iPadOS, and now it has finally started working.

Now you can connect a mouse or trackpad via Bluetooth to almost any iPad. With their help it will be possible to edit tables, select fragments of text and perform familiar multi-touch gestures.

In addition, a new opportunity has appeared for programmers – now they can sell their applications simultaneously through the App Store for iPad and for Mac. It turns out that users who bought the program on one platform can not pay a second time to use it on another device from the Apple ecosystem.

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