New Porsche Macan GTS 2020 Review (price and specifications)

In 2019, the Porsche Macan got a version of the Turbo, and in 2020 another one will be released – the GTS (Grand Turismo Sport).

The new Macan is the direct descendant of this year’s model, with a slightly modified decor, interior and trimmed power. What exactly will be the GTS-series will consider below.

To begin with, it is worth noting what a “grand tourism sport” is. This is a luxury class of cars, not deprived of power and designed for comfortable long-distance travel. It was under these characteristics that the guys from Porsche also brought out the new Macan.

As a result, from its donor in the person of Macan Turbo, released this summer, the novelty took on a sporty design and equipment, but completely revised the ergonomics and comfort inside.

Macan GTS 2020

Under the hood of the novelty was the same turbo engine as the donor. True power is cut off here. Now the turbocharged ICE with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders and 2.9-liter volume gives 380 hp. at 520 Hm, instead of 440 hp

In conjunction with it is now offered a 7-speed robot with two clutch discs. The drive is naturally full. The main thrust is on the rear axle, and the front is activated thanks to the clutch.

All this allows the GTS to take the first hundred already at 4.9 seconds. The maximum speed will be 261 km / h. Also, for a surcharge, a sports package will be offered that reduces acceleration by 0.2 seconds.

The cart has also changed. The new Macan is offered with a 15 mm lowered clearance, an adaptive suspension and cast-iron brakes of 360/330 mm.

The base is already installed sports exhaust. As an option, tungsten-coated brakes or carbon-ceramic will also be offered.

It is worth noting that after installing the sports package, the difference between the GTS or Macan Turbo is quite miserable. The latter costs almost a million more, and in terms of dynamics only 0.4 seconds in the first hundred wins. At maximum speed, the difference is also insignificant – 9 km / h in favor of Turbo.
For the presentation, Porsche prepared Macan in red enamel. Which is not surprising. After all, the GTS will initially be offered in the corporate decor package – Sport Design.

Porsche Macan GTS 2020 года

Porsche Macan GTS 2020

In front, you can see the enlarged grille, the modified architecture of the body kit and air intake inserts.

On the side are new sills with black accents. The rims got an original design and a diameter of 20 inches. Behind them flicker painted red body color calipers.

Behind the Porsche Macan GTS is the same weighty feed with new twin exhaust tips and a narrow matte black bridge. The lower body kit received a black pad. A striking track with massive wide tires is also striking.

The interior changes are not really as many as we would like. In a frontal comparison, it turns out that basically the new model is characterized by very modest changes in the central tunnel, color schemes and finishing materials.


As before, in the center we are greeted by an analog clock with two deflectors for the stove and ventilation. Below is an 11-inch screen, the visor of which moves smoothly into the dashboard. The interface here remains the same.

The multifunction steering wheel exactly repeats the predecessor, except that the rim is now not suede, but purely leather. The central tunnel, as before, offers an original set of physical buttons around the perimeter with the robot wings in the center.

Otherwise, the difference is in the skin. The new Macan is offered in the original GTS decor.

Price and sales start date
GTS will enter the world market at the beginning of 2020. Pre-order is available today. Novelty will not pass Russia by. True, the price tag for our buyer has not yet been designated.

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