PlayStation 5 will receive support for (almost) all PS4 games

Sony at a technical presentation on PS5 said that the new console will be able to run games from the previous generation console, but clarified the details. This raised questions from PS4 owners – it is unclear what games can be launched and how it will work. And only after a discussion on the Internet, the company shared the details of backward compatibility of games.

PlayStation 5 will receive support for more than 4 thousand games from the previous PS4. Developers check and test each game so that it runs without problems on a new console. And some games will work even better – with improved graphics or a more stable and high frame rate. In addition, due to the faster SSD-drive, all old games will run many times faster.

The issue of backward compatibility is important because when launching a new generation of consoles, a few exclusive games usually come out. And PS5 owners, in addition to completely new games, will be able to launch many games with PS4 – most likely, they will not even need to be bought a second time, but the company did not specify this point.

In this regard, Microsoft wins a little. The new Xbox Series X console will receive game support not only from the previous generation of Xbox One, but also from all other consoles – the Xbox 360 and the first Xbox. Only games from older platforms are manually ported by developers.

Sony has so far held a presentation of PS5 only for developers – they told all the characteristics of the console, but still have not shown the design. Microsoft has already revealed everything about the Xbox Series X, it remains only to find out the price and new games for it. In terms of performance, the Xbox outperforms the PS5 a bit, but Sony offers a faster SDD drive and a tricky resource allocation architecture, which potentially gives developers more opportunities to create cooler games.

Most likely, Sony and Microsoft will hold a full presentation of the new consoles in the summer – then we will find out the prices and new games, by which it will be possible to evaluate the capabilities of each platform. The start of sales is still planned for the end of 2020, despite problems with coronavirus worldwide.

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