Nissan trademarks suggest new company logo and Z sports car

Japanese brand has registered a new corporate logo, made in a simplified two-dimensional style

Nissan may receive a new corporate logo. The Japanese automaker has registered a modified icon in patent offices of several countries at once, including in the UK, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. This was reported by Motor Trend.

Judging by the patent image, the new logo will be made in a simplified monochrome two-dimensional style, which has become popular with some companies recently. So, in this spirit modified logos of BMW and Volkswagen are painted. At the same time, it remains unclear whether Nissan will use the badge exclusively for online branding or whether such an emblem will really appear on the company’s future machines.

In addition, Nissan registered the “Z” logo to designate a new sports car, which will be the ideological successor to the 370Z. It was previously reported that the new product will receive some features of the classic sports car Datsun 270Z, which in 2019 celebrated its 50th anniversary. In this case, the general shape and size of the car will be comparable with the modern 370Z.

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