Top 10 Best Electric, pneumatic, gas nail guns in 2021 Reviews

When carrying out construction and installation works, one often has to nail in nails. This operation is monotonous, routine and can be associated with a variety of dangers, for example, with the ability to hit with a hammer on the finger. In order to greatly facilitate the work of the master and reduce the likelihood of injury, a tool such as a nail gun was developed. It has recently become quite widespread. Such a device acts quickly and very effectively. With its help, it will be possible to almost instantly mount the profile for drywall systems, lay a soft roof, make furniture and perform a huge number of other works.


A significant assortment of these devices is presented in construction equipment stores. In this regard, many users, especially those who have not previously encountered such products, are lost. To save you from this problem, we decided to make a rating of the best nailing guns of 2019. In the review, we not only analyzed the useful characteristics of each of the models included here, but also allowed ourselves to give advice on the choice and acquisition of this tool.

How to choose a nailing gun?

This is not to say that this device is something very complicated: the device consists of a body, a handle equipped with a trigger, an element called the “magazine for nails”, and a special piston. The latter provides a pressure of about 4-6 atmospheres – this indicator will be enough to ensure that the nails optimally fit into almost any material. The piston device is started by pulling the trigger, after which a strictly defined amount of compressed air is selected. Nails with decent acceleration are sent to the base and firmly enter it. In the nails themselves, kinetic energy is completely absent, so when the gun stops, they will also stop. However, such a device has one significant inconvenience: when using the tool, it is necessary to purchase special nails, since the standard ones will not fit it.

When using such devices, it is possible to greatly reduce the operating time, save power. Such pistols are used by both professionals and home masters. The devices are lightweight, normalized returns, quite easy to use. On sale you can find both battery and network models. Designs that operate on battery energy will be much more expensive, but it is much more convenient to use them. On one charge, you can hammer in about 700-1000 nails. Up to 300 nails are placed in one drum, which makes the mass of products much larger. It is most convenient to work with cassette devices, since the cassettes themselves do not make devices more overall, but they allow you to get to the most inaccessible places.

 Electric Nail Guns

The speed is of the order of one shot per second – not very much, but in any case it turns out more effective compared to hammering nails manually. The length of the supply wire for the network model is specially made pretty decent – up to 5 meters. Adjustment of impact on the nail can be adjusted in a significant range. When choosing models for inclusion in our rating, we were guided not only by the above parameters, but also took into account user reviews, as well as price-quality ratio. In order for each of our readers to find these products financially, we tried to include only affordable models in the review. We hope that after studying our rating you will be able to choose the best products for yourself. Now is the time to start a direct analysis of the beneficial qualities of nailing guns.

Nail guns pneumatic



This design is ideal for making picture frames, window or door frames. She is often used by professional masters working with lining, parquet. The product will help well in the installation process of platbands, wooden plinths and various other finishing works, including in the manufacturing process of furniture. The hammering head is very neat, so the nails themselves in the material turn out to be practically invisible. The outlet has a quarter inch diameter. About one liter of air is consumed per stroke, which is supplied under a pressure of 6.2 bar. The mass of the tool is 1.1 kg. The maximum nailing depth is 30 mm. The body of the product is made of high quality lightweight metal alloy. Thanks to this, the tool was not too heavy. It is very comfortable to use.

The casting of the case itself is carried out with very high accuracy, so no gaps were found in it. Thanks to reliable assembly, extraneous creaks during operation will not be heard either. The design is carefully thought out, special attention is paid to the ergonomics of the product. Up to hundreds of nails can be loaded into a cartridge holder.

  • There is a depth adjustment system;
  • Lightweight metal cast housing;
  • Nails in the material are almost invisible;
  • Very comfortable grip;
  • Nails do not jam during operation.
  • Finding supplies is not as easy as we would like.


Metabo DKNG 40/50

A very convenient nuler, which is perfect for connecting materials of various kinds to each other – drywall, wood, corrugated cardboard and other similar ones. This model is quite widespread among masters involved in interior decoration, for example, when covering ceilings and walls, during the installation of skirting boards. With this tool, you can easily mount boards equipped with a tenon groove system, chipboard panels. Depending on the tasks assigned to the tool, you can use nails of various lengths. Labor costs when using equipment practically do not occur. The model works quickly, can significantly save working time, greatly increase labor productivity.

The model has a fairly compact overall dimensions with a mass of only 1.1 kg. You can use not only ordinary nails, but also brackets, the size of which is in the range from 15 to 40 mm. Performance is quite good – this can be achieved thanks to the compressor pressure in the range of 5-7 bar. 0.6 liters of air is consumed per stroke. The case is made of reliable composite materials, which during operation are absolutely not exposed to vibration. There is a carefully thought-out exhaust air system that does not allow dust to rise or the formation of various turbulences. The products are quite reliable, characterized by a long period of operation.

  • Decent impact force;
  • The fitting is removed very quickly;
  • Convenient and functional air exhaust system;
  • Comfortably work with the tool;
  • Hammered nails and staples are almost invisible.
  • Slightly increased air flow during operation.

Fubag N90

Fubag N90

Such a gun for nailing in nails (pneumatic nuler) will prove to be literally indispensable for work when fasteners need to be driven in at an angle – this may be required when constructing floor screed, structures where there is an angle, and working with a standard gun is not too easy. The product is characterized by compact overall dimensions, the mass is larger in comparison with the models considered earlier – as much as 3.35 kg. A design was developed specifically to function in hard-to-reach places. The air consumption here is very decent – 2.5 liters is spent on one blow, and the pressure can reach 7.5 bar. The standard outlet diameter is a quarter of an inch. The store holds up to 50 nails, and they can be clogged to a depth of 90 mm. The maximum diameter of the nail is 3.8 mm, and the largest diameter of its head is 7.2 mm.

The clogging depth can be changed if necessary. A reliable protection system is provided that does not allow accidentally pulling the trigger of the gun. The design is thought out pretty well – despite the considerable weight, the products can be held in your hands for a long time without feeling fatigue. The trigger is pretty smooth. If necessary, this gun can perform a significant amount of work. If you need to replace the equipment, then it will take a minimum amount of time.

  • The long period of warranty service of the tool is 2 years;
  • Comfortable grip;
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Perfect for working in hard to reach places;
  • High-quality hammering nails up to 90 mm long.
  • Decent weight of the tool.

Best Electric Nail Guns 2021

DeWalt DCN 692P2

DeWalt DCN 692P2

The tool is equipped with a reliable high-capacity battery, so there is no need to connect to the mains, this adds autonomy to the device and makes it even more convenient to use. The equipment belongs to the professional class. It was developed by German engineers specifically for installation work, and you can even work with rather long nails – with a gun you can hammer a nail up to 90 mm long. Like most models included in our review today, it provides the ability to adjust power and impact force. The device is equipped with two operating modes – high-speed and single. With their help, it is possible to achieve not only high accuracy of the work, but also ensure the highest speed of their production.

The electric motor of this model is not equipped with brushes, so its resource is much greater when compared with standard motors. In addition, such a design greatly increases its performance. The device is very comfortable to work with, and the manufacturers have taken care of the user’s safety. Noise and vibration indicators of the unit are at a minimum level. Complete with a gun comes two capacious rechargeable batteries of 5 mAh each. In addition, with it comes a case made of fairly rigid plastic, which makes it easy to carry and store the device.

  • Long operation due to the presence of a brushless motor;
  • Two batteries
  • Clogging depth is adjusted if necessary;
  • If the magazine is empty, the start lock is activated;
  • Jammed nails can be removed without using an additional tool;
  • It is convenient to hammer nails at an angle.
  • Pretty high cost.

Makita DPT 353RFE (DPT353RFE)

Top 10 Best Electric, pneumatic, gas nail guns in 2021 Reviews 1

Another battery model in our review, belonging to the class of professional tools. The main power sources here are special lithium-ion batteries, each of which has a voltage of 18 V with a capacity of 3.0 mAh. Like the previous model, they come with two pistols. The mass of the tool is not too large, the form is carefully thought out, so you can use this product for a long time, while your hands will not get tired at all. Clogging depth adjustable. If there is a lack of natural or artificial lighting, then the master can always use the built-in LED light bulb, which has an after-light function. In other words, it will continue to work for some time after the nail or staple is already clogged. This allows the master to evaluate how well the work is done.

  • Insignificant overall dimensions and weight provide decent maneuverability of the device;
  • There is LED illumination of the work area;
  • There is a function of protection against idle shock;
  • The clogging depth is very easy to adjust;
  • Rubberized handle, distinguished by well-thought-out ergonomics;
  • Good performance
  • Decent store capacity.
  • Expensive.



This model is produced by one of the world’s most famous manufacturer of professional equipment for construction and decoration. This gun is not equipped with batteries, is fully networked. With its help, it will be possible to instantly fix the material on the base. For this, special nails are used, and on the surface they will not leave any traces at all. Such products are able to work with various sizes of fasteners – 15, 19, 25, 30 and 32 mm. Shop for supplies is characterized by a decent capacity. If necessary, the pins can be replaced through a special window.

The length of the power cable is 2.5 meters – it’s enough for any room, but all the same, masters periodically have to use extension cords. The control of the tool is completely safe, the trigger is carefully protected from accidental pulling. Convenient adjustment of impact force is provided, so the master can always adapt to a specific material. The handle is rubberized, it will not slip in the hands. It is very convenient to hold the tool with one hand. Productivity is very high, even large volumes of work are performed in a short time. The gun works quite quietly, is reliable, the brushes wear out for a long time, even with intensive use.

  • Good value for money;
  • It is convenient to use;
  • Blows are applied accurately and thoroughly;
  • Comes with a convenient plastic case;
  • Due to the rubberized handle will not slip out of your hands.
  • Few service centers

Gas Nail Guns

Toua GFN3490CHLi

Toua GFN3490CHLi

Autonomous products that have found wide application in the field of various frame work. The gun is able to work with rack nails, the length of which is from 50 to 90 mm. This device does not have to be connected to the compressor or the mains. The tool belongs to the professional class. It is designed to work exclusively with wood, for example, in the construction of crates or packaging. Often they are used by masters involved in the construction of houses. In particular, such a model will be quite suitable in the process of manufacturing frame structures, assembling roofs, rafter systems. In addition, this device has proven itself in the field of working with plywood and fiberboard type boards, especially if they need to be attached to wooden structures.

The device does not need lubrication due to the fact that a mixture of liquefied gas and special lubricants developed specifically for this model is used here as a working element. The gun is capable of operating in a wide temperature range – from -15 to + 60 degrees. The maximum pressure in the cylinder is 16 bar. Using the products is very convenient, there is no need to acquire special skills. Two batteries are supplied, with a LED indicator on the handle that indicates low battery.

  • A full charge of one battery is enough for about 4,000 nails;
  • You can use nails up to 90 mm long;
  • The mass of equipment is not too large;
  • Wide range of operating temperature.
  • Designed mainly for working with wood.

Toua GSN F1

Toua GSN F1

Engineers developed this mounting gun specifically for work related to laying electricians – in this area the model is considered to be the best. The products are great for shooting clips, organizing screed sites, installing plastic cable ducts, pipe holders for various purposes, installing corrugated sleeves, and so on. The main thing that users note is high work efficiency and a small amount of equipment. Thanks to these factors, fasteners shoot to the ceiling very quickly and efficiently. A narrow barrel is provided here, which is used for all kinds of clips, the diameter of which can reach 16 mm. As the clamping mechanism, the barrel itself is used, which operates at a minimum depth, so the plastic fasteners remain intact.

The kit also comes with another barrel that will work at medium and maximum depth, which helps to use the gun for general installation work – the installation of guides, drywall sheets, plywood and so on. The trunk, if necessary, changes within a few seconds. When hammering nails, a decent level of power is created, so even fairly thick material will reliably stick to the base. Operation and maintenance of equipment is easy. Two lithium-ion batteries are also included, with a full charge of one of them lasting for 8,000 nails. A bracket is provided for hanging the tool on a belt.

  • For a gas appliance, it is relatively quiet;
  • Superior build quality and components;
  • Perfectly thought out ergonomics device;
  • The model is characterized by excellent balancing;
  • High speed of work;
  • The barrel can be replaced if necessary.
  • Sometimes oil from the cylinder enters the valve, so it will have to be cleaned from it periodically.

What is a best pneumatic nail gun to buy?

DeWalt DCN 692P2

What is a best electric nail gun to buy?


What is a best gas nail gun to buy?

Toua GSN F1


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