MSI unveils new laptops with Comet Lake H and fresh NVIDIA graphics

MSI announced a number of its first laptops with new 10th generation Intel processors from the Comet Lake H series and fresh Turing-based GeForce mobile graphics cards. The company announced specifications and release dates for its GS66 Stealth, GE66 Raider and Creator 17 solutions, which were first introduced at CES earlier this year.

Two gaming systems will receive processors up to i9-10980HK, and Creator 17 – up to i7-10875H. All three will also feature NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080 Super Max-Q mobile graphics.

Among gaming systems, the GS66 Stealth has a less striking design. MSI said the laptop is ideal for business users who are also not indifferent to some casual games. The GE66 Raider, by contrast, is aimed at players who want something spectacular: the front panel has a large customizable light bar that can display over 16 million colors.

Both 14-inch laptops are equipped with new cooling systems – the GS66 has three fans with paddles with a thickness of only 0.1 mm – according to MSI, these are the thinnest blades in the world. And GE66 received two fans with 0.25 mm blades. Computers are also equipped with a new audio system: MSI says it worked with speaker maker Dynaudio to update the sound. And both can be equipped with screens with a frequency of up to 300 Hz.

It is important to note that laptops use a battery with a capacity of 99.9 Wh; this is the largest battery that can be equipped with laptops that meet the Federal Aviation Administration standards for lithium-ion batteries that are allowed on airplanes. Such a capacious battery will obviously not be superfluous for a gaming system.

Creator 17, as the name suggests, is designed for creative professionals. This is the company’s first laptop with a Mini-LED screen. Mini-LEDs are much smaller than usual, so such screens can accommodate more backlight points and get the ability to dim locally with greater accuracy. The screen has a resolution of 3840 × 2160 and a maximum brightness of 1000 nits.

Creator 17 also supports MSI Creator Center software, which includes additional tools for users. For example, you can assign a certain number of CPU cores to certain tasks or select one of the predefined profiles.

The cost of the GS66 Stealth starts at $ 1,599 – the computer is already available for pre-order. Prices GE66 Raider and Creator 17 start at $ 1,799 dollars. All laptops will appear in US stores on April 15th.

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