Microsoft found critical vulnerability in all Windows

USA, March 24, 2020 /LIVE24/. Microsoft has found a critical vulnerability in all versions of Windows, starting from the 7th and ending with the tenth.
The bug consists in the system of processing and displaying fonts in the operating system. In order to infect a computer to an attacker, it is enough to create a “viral” document, which the user will download by himself. After which the hacker will gain access to the computer and will be able to install programs, steal passwords and other personal data. Typically, such documents are distributed on insecure sites, torrent trackers and social networks.

Microsoft assigned a critical level to the bug. This is the highest rating possible. The problem is that there is no patch to solve it, and hackers are actively exploiting this vulnerability.

At the same time, users of all versions of Windows are at risk, from the unsupported Windows 7 to the current “top ten”. The patch will be released no earlier than April 14 – it is on this date that the distribution of the next update will begin.

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