Microsoft Edge browser comes second in popularity

Netmarketshare, a web resource that tracks the distribution of operating systems and browsers in the world, has published statistics for March 2020. According to the resource, last month the Microsoft Edge browser came in second in terms of popularity in the world, second only to the long-standing leader in Google Chrome.

The source notes that Microsoft Edge, which for many is the successor to Internet Explorer, continues to gain popularity and can no longer be considered a “browser for loading other browsers”.

For a long time in the browser segment, Chrome has taken a leading position by a wide margin. At the end of March, Google’s web browser occupied 68.50% of the market. Microsoft Edge, which came in second place, is used on 7.59% of devices. Mozilla Firefox, which previously occupied second place, fell to third place with a market share of 7.19%, while Internet Explorer continues to be in fourth place with a share of 5.87%.

One of the factors that influenced Edge’s growing popularity is its availability for Android and iOS mobile devices. In addition, Microsoft developers regularly optimize the browser, making it more convenient and reliable. All this influenced the increase in the user base.

As for operating systems, in this segment for the month did not happen anything unexpected. After Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7, the share of Windows 10 continues to increase gradually. In March, Windows 10 was installed on 57.34% of devices. It is worth noting that Windows 7 is reluctant to lose ground and continues to occupy 26.23% of the market. Windows 8.1 closes the top three, whose share in the reporting period amounted to 5.69%. MacOS 10.14 is in fourth position with a 2.62% score.

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