Mars rover repaired himself with a blow of a shovel

NASA InSight rover encountered a malfunction during a mission on Mars. Scientists had to look for a non-standard way to restore the machine to which it is impossible to send technicians.

According to Popular Science, the device was supposed to send a probe into the soil of Mars, but eventually got stuck in it because of a lumpy structure. After several unsuccessful attempts to free themselves, experts decided to take an unusual step. The probe was pulled out of the ground after an InSight shovel passed through it.

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The publication notes that reprogramming the robot’s arm so that it can hit the zone was a risky step, since the rescue operation could end in damage to the power and communication lines attached nearby. To work out the strike with an InSight shovel, NASA engineers needed several months of practice in the simulator before they decided to try to pull the probe in this way.

In the future, NASA hopes to successfully launch the probe into the soil of Mars. Scientists expect to study temperature fluctuations inside the Red Planet.
The main goal of the mission is to understand how much the core of Mars resembles the earth.

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