Hyundai Solaris 2021 review

New body: headlights, grille and bumpers

The planned restyling of the Hyundai Solaris 2021 is mostly cosmetic in nature. The power structure of the new second generation body remains the same. The main external difference is the radiator grill, which received a cellular structure in the style of more expensive models of the company. Naturally, lighting equipment and bumpers with new linings and air intakes were corrected.

At the time of the release date of the Korean novelty, leather trim was not available, but with the advent of the flagship Prosafety package this omission has been corrected. The price of the initial version of Hyundai Solaris starts at 765,000 rubles. The technical innovation of the 2021 model year, hidden in the photo in the bowels of the body, is a new catalytic converter, which significantly increased the reliability and durability of this unit. The shock absorbers received new rubber rebound bumpers instead of the old plastic ones.

Interior with additional adjustments and memory

You can distinguish the Hyundai Solaris 2021 interior in a new body after restyling by the central ventilation deflectors. The interior of expensive configurations is distinguished by the use of a display with an increased diagonal of 8 (+1) inches. The photographs clearly show its protrusion beyond the front panel. For a surcharge to the Solaris price, you can get hold of a remote engine start. In this case, the heating of the seats, steering wheel and windshield will be switched on together with the engine, retaining the memory of the previous settings.

Interior with additional adjustments and memory

Another pleasant bonus of the updated model is the adjustment of the lumbar support of the driver’s seat with a servo drive. It is very important that this equipment position is included in all configurations and prices of Hyundai Solaris 2021. In addition, the creators of the modernized version promise additional noise insulation of the body in the arches. The only victim of price optimization from the restyled Solaris was the full-size spare wheel, which now needs to be paid separately. The base offers the usual stowaway.

Options, prices and a slight rise in price

The restyling of the Hyundai Solaris 2021 almost did not touch the technical component. This circumstance had a positive effect on prices, and the complete sets received a prestigious performance with a leather interior. The new price list for the initial execution is now marked with a bar of 765,000 rubles, which is only 9,000 more expensive than before. At the same time, the basic configuration of Solaris now includes the above-mentioned electric lumbar support adjustment.

Equipment Min. price, rubles Motor and gearbox
Active 765,000 100 h.p. 6MT
Active plus 846,000 100 h.p. 6MT
Comfort 891,000 100 h.p. 6MT
Elegance 1021000 123 h.p. 6MT
Prosafety 1,196,000 123 h.p. 6AT

See tables below for details


The indicated price of the Active option implies the presence of: an on-board computer, front electric windows, adjustment of the steering column and driver’s seat in height, central locking and a folding back of the rear sofa in a 60/40 ratio. Active and passive safety in the new Hyundai is provided by: 2 front airbags, ESP stabilization system, a tire pressure sensor and an assistant at the start uphill. The base Solaris 2021 relies only on an uncontested 100-horsepower engine and a 6-speed manual transmission.

Active plus

The Active plus package will additionally include: air conditioning, car radio, heated front seats and electrically operated exterior mirrors. Plus, for a surcharge to the price, the new Hyundai Solaris can be equipped with a more powerful power unit (123 hp) and a 6-band automatic transmission, which is also available for the younger engine.


For the technical specifications of the Comfort package, the same set of motors and gearboxes is provided. The Solaris 2021 price range originates from 846,000 rubles. This means Hyundai is replenishing with options such as a proprietary multimedia system with touchscreen and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces, power windows in the rear, heated steering wheel, cruise control with speed limiter, remote control for central locking, telephone hands free and bluetooth.


This is followed by the execution of Elegance. This configuration of the updated Hyundai Solaris is equipped with only a 1.6 liter gasoline engine. Useful acquisitions include: standard parking sensors, LED and fog lights, climate control, a light sensor and aluminum wheel rims. The minimum price for Hyundai in the salons of official dealers is 1,021,000 rubles for a modification with a manual transmission.


The Prosafety option is the flagship and offers the maximum equipment available for a restyled Hyundai. Especially noteworthy: faux leather interior trim, proprietary navigation complex, engine start with a keyless entry button, rear view camera, front side airbags and inflatable curtains for both rows of seats. The price (1,196,000 rubles) of the top version of the new model already includes a 6-speed automatic by default, but painting the body with enamel with a metallic effect will have to be paid separately.


Specifications: maintaining motor gamut

The restyling of the body did not affect the engine line and transmissions in any way. The updated Hyundai Solaris 2021 model still comes with two types of motors and six-speed gearboxes. Specifications and power range are maintained, extending from 100 to 123 hp. Turbine units and robotic transmissions used in other markets are not used in Russia.

Modification Motor and gearbox Min. price, rubles
1.4 MT 100 h.p. 6MT 765,000
1.6 MT 123 h.p. 6MT 871,000
1.4 AT 100 h.p. 6AT 886,000
1.6 AT 123 h.p. 6AT 911,000

See tables below for details

The basic modification of Solaris reaches a hundred in 12.2 seconds, reaching 185 km / h top speed and consuming 5.7 liters per 100 km on average. The use of the machine slightly changes the characteristics, where the dynamics is dulled by 7 tenths, the speed drops by 2 km / h, and the gas mileage jumps to 6.4 liters. The technical data of the flagship Hyundai unit, depending on the type of gearbox, declares 10.3 (11.2) seconds to change the first hundred, 193 (192) km / h «maximum speed» and 6.0 (6.6) liters of average efficiency …

Competitors: only Vesta and Polo are cheaper

The most profitable rival of the new Solaris for 765,000 rubles is the domestic Lada Vesta, which is 135,000 cheaper. At the same time, the AvtoVAZ product is already in the database capable of offering: heated seats and mirrors, but is deprived of the vertical adjustment of the driver’s seat. Volkswagen Polo in anticipation of restyling is also more affordable and offers to save 65 thousand. The German model distinguished itself by the presence of electric windows for the rear passengers. The updated Skoda Rapid 2021 will already require a surcharge of 27 thousand, but it will please with a proprietary multimedia complex with a touchpad and «music».

Release date and debut of the top version

At the end of February this year, when the official premiere of the 2021 Hyundai Solaris model year was held at a joint venture in St. Petersburg, it became finally clear to everyone that the new second-generation body received only external design adjustments. The same can be said about the interior design, which has been repeatedly confirmed in the previously shown photographs. By the release date, almost all prices and configurations were announced, with the exception of the flagship version of Solaris, the start of sales of which started a little later, in early April. The lack of changes in the technical characteristics of time-tested motors and transmissions can be attributed to the advantages rather than disadvantages of the model update.

Sales statistics: slight decline and hopes for restyling

The general sinking of the Russian automobile market did not affect the Korean company, which managed to maintain stability, having sold 178,809 different models of passenger cars and crossovers. The new Hyundai Solaris should improve the performance of the pre-styling version, which last year managed to find 58 682 (-11%) buyers with the fourth place in its class. The main bestseller again remains the Kreta crossover, which has sold 71,487 (+ 6%) copies. The popular Tussan ( 22,753 units) almost repeated the previous result, and the updated Santa Fe (11,519 units) showed a 46% positive trend.

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