Over 100 million owners of Huawei smartphones have installed EMUI 10 shell

SHENZHEN, CHINA, March 24, 2020, 12:05 pm – REGNUM EMUI 10 proprietary graphical interface was installed by owners of Huawei smartphones on more than 100 million devices worldwide. This was reported on March 23 by the online publication GizChina, citing a statement by the company’s management.

The shell was introduced only in September 2019, but has already received such widespread use. It is based on the Android 10 platform. Since the fall, developers have adapted the interface for various smartphones of the company, and now EMUI 10 is available for 33 models of the Chinese manufacturer.

Huawei traditionally equips its proprietary interface with enhanced functionality compared to the basic Android. According to the publication, EMUI 10 provides simultaneous operation on two Huawei devices, for example, on a smartphone and laptop. Using the mouse and keyboard, you can control both devices and easily transfer files from the screen of one gadget to another.

It is clarified that the developers of Huawei continue to develop versions of the shell EMUI 10 for other smartphones of the company.

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