HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless Review

Best ink tank print quality in class with great savings: Count on this affordable ink tank printer for home to print, scan, copy, and fax with ease, and consistently deliver dark, crisp text and vibrant color graphics for all your prints

A smart print device that’s easy to refill

What does an ideal MFP look like? It should be fast, small and economical, and let the replacement of consumables in it be quick and easy too. It also, of course, should support all the functions necessary in a modern office — a printer, scanner, copier, with the possibility of connecting via Wi-Fi, and also remote printing so that the document appears in the office while you are in the Maldives (we dream). And a little vintage in the form of a fax does not hurt, you will be surprised at how many more places where they are still loved and awaited.

Bye on citilink

In the new HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless, the manufacturer swung at a lot — firstly, to provide the most inexpensive, but high-quality printing, secondly, to teach the user to seriously save on consumables, paying a little more for the device itself when buying, and thirdly, place in a small case all the necessary functionality. The owner himself fills the ink tanks here, adding them as necessary, and the manufacturer promises that you will not regret the purchase if you print a lot and with taste in the office or at home.

Design and ergonomics HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless

Design and ergonomics HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless

This inkjet MFP has a relatively small size (449 x 605 x 187 mm) and weighs only about 6 kg, so it fits even on a small desktop or shelf. The case is mainly made of matte plastic, and the workmanship is simply excellent.

A bit unusual for HP inkjet devices is that media is taken from the rear tray, whose guides slide straight out of the case, and not from the cassette at the bottom of the case. This input tray allows you to enthusiastically experiment with a wide range of media in various formats (envelopes, brochures, postcards, etc.). The output tray is made in the form of a slit on the front panel, from which the receiving part extends. There is also a paper presence sensor, an extremely convenient thing.

To control most of the functions offline (without connecting to a PC), the front panel has an LCD display with touch buttons on the sides, on which service information is displayed. Management is implemented logically and simply.

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HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless Ink and Refill

In this model, ink tanks are integrated into the housing and are connected by flexible hoses to the print head. The user can easily monitor the ink level, and if he doesn’t overlook it, then there is a built-in level sensor that warns that it is time to add ink.

Separately, we note how the manufacturer took care of the convenience of refueling. The ink filling holes here are of a special shape that protects against spilling, even if you do it after a corporate party.

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HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless: Cloud to Fax

In addition to the usual USB port, the device is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to make the MFP accessible to all users of an office or home network in just a few simple steps. To print from a mobile device — tablet or smartphone, just install the free HP Smart program from the Google Play app store or App Store. It implements all the necessary basic functions for quick printing and scanning from a mobile device.

For cloud printing, the proprietary eprint service is used — just send an email to the device’s email address with the task so that it is printed. The application also has the ability to create shortcuts for typical print jobs, automating the workflow.

And once again we mention that the HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless also has a fax function, which is still quite in demand in Russia.

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Printer in the HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless

The MFP is primarily designed to work with documents, but it also copes well with photo images. The printer of the device uses a four-color printing scheme, providing a decent result. For printing in color, water-soluble inks are used, pigment dye is only black, so prints should not be subjected to water procedures.

Photo printing in the HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless is implemented at a high level. Of course, this printer is not a competitor to professional solutions, but it has few competitors among home printers. Photo prints are distinguished by good detail and color reproduction, and although they are a bit oversaturated, this is even true: it looks like an Instagram. Only at tone transitions and when printing smooth gradients is the point structure slightly visible.

In CISS systems, the interaction of ink and paper usually occurs a little slower than in other printers: the photo print appears a little faded and then, as it were, “gains color”. And here the HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless has another advantage over its competitors, the period of color stabilization when the ink dries on branded photo paper is noticeably shorter than that of other brands and is almost invisible.

In the process of testing on this device, we printed about 1,000 pages and several hundred photographs. At the same time, the printer successfully passed all the tests.

If we talk about everyday printing, it pleases the fact that even small prints look decent — without pronounced irregularities and roughness, as, indeed, business graphics.

In terms of speed, the printer provides decent results. It takes 1 min 35 seconds to print 10 pages of a black and white A4 document in standard quality; the same document in draft quality is output in 1 min 20 seconds.

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HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless: Scanner and Copier

To ensure fast processing of documents, the MFP has a module for automatically feeding documents to the scanner glass, capable of processing up to 35 pages / min, which significantly speeds up the tedious process of digitization.

The scanner itself, built on CIS technology (Contact Image Sensor), provides a standard optical resolution of 600 dpi (dots per inch), which is more than enough for working with documents.

Color reproduction and quality in general when scanning photographs are very good, but we must remember that they largely depend on the density of the original adhering to the scanner glass. For documents, this scanning technology fits perfectly.

This color inkjet MFP with the ability to independently fill ink is perfect for those who print a lot and who need a reliable, economical and yet easy to maintain device with the features that are classic for modern MFPs.


low cost of printing
inexpensive consumables;
the ability to print photos;
Wireless and remote cloud printing.


high cost of the device itself

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HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless Review
HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless Review

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