How to choose a diaper for your baby?

It’s not easy to find a suitable diaper for your baby. There are dozens of options on the market, but you can’t rely on friends’ recommendations or a random choice. A diaper is an important personal care item for a baby. Therefore, your baby may not be suitable for the diaper that suits the child of your girlfriend.

Let’s try to choose the right diaper according to 10 simple criteria:

Choosing the right size

The best way to choose the right size is to focus on the weight of the baby. After all, too small a size will rub delicate skin. A too loose diaper will not hold moisture well. When you have chosen the right brand, make sure that it has a full range of diaper sizes.

TM Paddlers produces 6 sizes of diapers – universal for boys and girls, for each size there are 3 bright design options: from models for newborns to large children weighing up to 30 kg. Once a child has grown up, you can easily find the next size Paddlers on sale.

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Clasp Quality Check

High-quality clasp is one of the important elements of the diaper component. It is important that she holds the diaper in place and does not come loose if talcum powder or lotion gets on it. A diaper that has moved to the side can ruin Mom’s day at the most inopportune moment.

TM Paddlers uses French materials for the manufacture of delicate elastic Velcro. The diaper will not fall even from the most mobile babies and it can be removed and put on again and again.

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The study of the composition of the filler

The absorbent layer is the most important part of the diaper. Before buying, carefully read the labels on the package. Many diaper models are filled with cheap materials and with a small amount of absorbent granules. Although they absorb moisture, some of the liquid still flows when the child is sitting down or is actively moving. It is unhygienic and guaranteed to cause skin irritation. Quality diapers are filled with material that binds the liquid and turns it into a gel. Therefore, even the diaper filled to the brim remains dry.

TM Paddlers makes an absorbent layer of three components. Natural cellulose quickly passes moisture to keep the skin dry. A special German-made granules (15 grams) turns the liquid into a gel that remains inside. Therefore, the liquid does not accumulate in the middle, and the diaper is used 100%, providing babies with more than 12 hours of comfortable sleep.

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Check if the diaper is breathing

A high-quality diaper retains moisture, but at the same time allows air to pass through. Due to this, the skin remains dry and the likelihood of irritation is minimized. It is easy to check at home. Open the diaper and pour a glass of warm water in the middle. After that, put it on a smooth surface and leave for two to three minutes. After a few minutes, a vapor trail will appear under the diaper, while the diaper surface remains dry.

TM Paddlers diapers are made of soft, breathable textiles that hold moisture, allowing the baby’s skin to breathe. Due to the high quality of the material, Paddlers do not cause diaper rash.

A lotion-balm is distributed along the entire length of the diaper, which not only gives a pleasant smell to the diaper, but also gently cares for the sensitive skin of the baby.

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Study of material texture

One of the important criteria for the quality of the diaper is the reaction of the baby’s skin. Examine the material by touch. The texture should be soft and pleasant.

The skin of newborns is the most tender that can be. Therefore, especially delicate materials are used in the diaper for newborn diapers TM Paddlers.

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Feel the inner surface

The slightest bumps on the inside will rub the baby’s skin. Therefore, the inner surface of high-quality diapers should be perfectly smooth and soft.

The TM Paddlers diaper uses European materials that are guaranteed to be safe and comfortable for children. On the inside of the diaper there are bumpers that hold moisture, preventing it from leaking. The beads are made of soft material that does not rub the baby’s skin.

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Check for diaper full indicator

A crowded diaper causes diaper rash. Quality diapers are equipped with a filling indicator – usually a strip on the outside that changes color.

All models of TM Paddlers diapers have a moisture indicator. You do not have to remove the diaper and disturb the sleeping baby to find out if it is time to change it.

We put on a diaper on the baby during the game

A quality diaper should remain in place, even when the child is actively moving. Make sure that the material gently adheres to the skin of the baby and does not slip during jumping and running.

TM Paddlers use tight cuffs that hold the diaper in place. They gently hug the baby’s legs and do not distract him from the game.

Examining Security Certificates

Poor diapers at least cause skin irritation. And sometimes they lead to severe allergic reactions. Before buying, make sure to

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