Heroes of Generation Z: Most Popular Accounts at TikTok 2020

Thanks to TikTok, many people woke up famous. Who is among the ten most popular TikTok stars with the largest number of subscribers?

1. Loren Gray – 38.9 million:The 17-year-old American is a real star of social networks, in particular Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. In addition, she is also a singer, she released her first of six singles My Story in August 2018.

2. TikTok – 36,8 млн: on its own page, the Chinese company TikTok talks about new features and trends. In addition, she regularly introduces her subscribers to other TikTok members.

3. Zach King – 33.7 million:30-летний американский кинорежиссер показывает в своих видеороликах цифровые «магические трюки» и делится своими работами на YouTube, TikTok, а ранее также на Vine. Первый большой успех пришел к нему, когда ему было всего 18 лет. Тогда он опубликовал на собственной веб-странице и на YouTube обучающие ролики к программе-видеоредактору Final Cut Pro.

4. Baby Ariel – 30.2 million: 19-year-old American Ariel Rebecca Martin is a solo singer, actress and popular TikTok star. In 2017, Forbes magazine named her one of the most influential people in show business.

5. Riyaz Aly – 28.2 million: 16-year-old Indian Riyaz Ali is best known in his homeland. He quickly succeeded with humorous videos on TikTok, and often collaborates with other artists when creating his videos.

6. Charli D’Amerlio – 24.9 million: the 15-year-old American uploaded her first dance videos to the platform in the summer of 2019 and quickly gathered millions of subscribers. She is equally successful on Instagram and YouTube and, together with UNICEF, opposes online bullying.

7. Musical.ly – 23.5 million: The Musical.ly application was published in August 2014, and in August 2018, it was bought by ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok. Musical.ly users then logged on to the TikTok network.

8. Kristen Hancher – 23.4 million: 20-year-old Canadian is a social media star, actress and singer. She became famous for her dance videos on TikTok, and also excelled on YouTube and Instagram with fashion and makeup tutorials.

9. Gilmher Croes – 23.2 million: 26-year-old star TikTok hails from Aruba, a small island near Venezuela, he is famous for his short comedy videos. He also works as a model and actor and won first prize for Best Actor at the 2015 Aruba Short Film Festival.

10. Flighthouse – 22.5 Million Subscribers: The American media company Flighthouse promotes musicians and artists. In addition, she publishes short entertainment shows featuring various TikTok stars on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

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