Half-Life: Alyx breaks peak online Steam Series record

Yesterday, Half-Life: Alyx was released, which in a matter of hours beat the historical peak of the series. Thanks to the new product, it now stands at 42,858 people.
A fresh record is several times higher than previous results, despite the fact that all parts of the series remained free for almost two months: in January, Valve launched an action in honor of the imminent release of Alix, so that those wishing to refresh the memory of the events of the previous parts (as it turned out, not in vain )
As a result, the record values ​​of the main parts of Half-Life are as follows:
Half-Life: Alyx – 42,858 people
Half-Life 2 – 12,953 people
Half-Life – 6022 people
Half-Life 2: Episode Two – 1308 people
Half-Life 2: Episode One – 998 people.
However, of course, seriously comparing the performance of games is stupid – they came out at completely different times. Peak online 12 or more years ago didn’t mean as much as it does now. Yes, and began to track it relatively recently.

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