Car dvr radar detector: Hybrid rating 2020

Two-in-one devices have always been popular: for example, you can buy one hybrid gadget that works both as a video recorder and as a radar detector. The best representatives of this class of devices are in our ranking.


A modern motorist sometimes needs to have several devices in the cabin at once: for example, a video recorder and a radar detector. So why not combine them in one case? That’s right, there are such gadgets, and this time we’ll talk about them.

By the way, we have seen more than one rating of DVRs with a 2019 radar on the Internet, but there is a nuance. Radar detectors are devices that interfere with speed detection. In our country and in other countries of Europe they are prohibited. Radar detectors do not interfere with the process, they only let the driver know that the speed of his car will be measured. Such electronics are also prohibited in many countries, but with us you can ride without problems. Therefore, it would be wrong to indicate that the rating collected DVRs with a radar detector.


Let’s start with a decent hybrid from a well-known Korean manufacturer. His devices have always been inexpensive, therefore popular. COMBO No. 5 is just such a budget option for those who are not ready to spend more than 10,000 rubles. to the DVR with a “radar detector”.

Video resolution is typical for gadgets of this class Full HD. The viewing angle is quite sufficient, 135 °. What is important, the device has a small battery (540 mAh). It will allow, if necessary, to turn off the main power and shoot video autonomously: for example, damage to a car as a result of an accident.

The radar detector is “sharpened” for all ranges, including the popular K and laser speed meters. In general, users have no comments on the operation of the detector, although some complain about freezes at low temperatures. Also, the user does not always successfully update the firmware – if it is installed incorrectly, you have to carry the device to the warranty service.

Neoline X-COP 9200

Most hybrid devices, as we have seen, are rather cumbersome. Such dimensions are dictated by the design of the horn antenna. The X-COP 9200 used a flat patch antenna, so the device turned out to be relatively tiny, and not at the expense of the quality of video recording and recognition of radar signals.

As a DVR, this hybrid is very good: it has a viewing angle of 130 °, day and night modes (the latter can be included on a schedule), an anti-glare filter. Of the important features is the magnetic mount, which allows you to quickly remove and install the gadget without disconnecting / connecting the wires. By the way, due to this decision, the recorder can be rotated 180 ° to shoot what is happening in the cabin.

The X-COP 9200 radar detector operates in all ranges and has a Z-signature filter to eliminate false positives. The device has a lot of individual settings: for example, you can set a “silence zone” (if false alarms constantly occur in it) or, conversely, a dangerous zone (for example, a section with an uneven road). The radar detector unit is easily turned off in case of entry into a country where such devices are prohibited.

Inspector Scat SE

Another miniature device, this time from a South Korean brand. The flagship of the 2019 lineup, therefore not at all cheap. What is remarkable here?

For the DVR, we note an ultra-wide-angle lens with an angle of 170 °. Typically, such wide angles give large distortions, but on the other hand, the viewing sector of the camera is quite large. Movies are written in resolutions up to 2560x1440p – not everyone works with this. The device has a 520 mAh battery, as well as a microphone – you can shoot video outside the car and comment on it.

We will not surprise you with a radar detector: there is support for all ranges, several operating modes for the city and highway. What is important, in addition to signal recognition (by the way, a signature module is installed here), the device uses electronic cartography. Due to this, the user always sees the established speed limits on the site, the zone of the prohibition of parking and stopping. In addition, cartography allows the hybrid to automatically change modes, depending on the current location of the car.

Playme MAXI

Another way to make a gadget miniature is to make some of its elements remote. Look at the Playme MAXI case – this is the smallest participant in our ranking of combo devices of registrars and “radar detectors” 2019-2020. That’s because it has a remote radar part. It will need to be installed behind the radiator grill; the detector will support communication with the main part via a wireless channel.

The main advantage of this solution is even the compact size of the case. Owners of automobiles with athermal and electrically heated windshields know that even a good radar detector under such a glass is sometimes not able to catch weak signals of radars such as Iskra, Cordon-M, etc. Such problems do not threaten the remote part .

The disadvantages of this design are the need to install a remote unit and connect power to it, as well as a small display on a miniature main unit (1 inch). The DVR has a viewing angle of 140 ° and shoots in resolutions up to SuperHD. The quality of shooting is quite tolerable both in the afternoon and in the evening: signs and license plates are clearly distinguishable. The device has a small battery, but its capacity is only enough for a couple of minutes of shooting outside the car.

What to look for when choosing a combo device What to look for when choosing a combo device

Of course, it’s difficult to unambiguously name the best “radar detector” with the 2019-2020 DVR – we just gave a few examples of famous manufacturers. If you are not satisfied with any of the models, choose another one from the assortment of stores yourself. We will only tell you what it is important to pay attention to in order not to waste money.


Adequate viewing angle. For most devices, it is 130-150 ° – this is enough to capture all the space in front of the car, including adjacent lanes. If the angle is super wide, distortion can occur, as with any super wide angle lens.

Resolution shooting video. Do not chase 4K – the higher the resolution, the more space the file on the memory card will occupy. FHD is enough to identify the main elements of traffic (road and license plates, pedestrians in the immediate vicinity of the car).

The presence of night shooting mode. It is clear that at night the probability of developing a non-standard situation is higher. Therefore, your dashcam should shoot well in low light.

Type of mount. Suction cups on the windshield – already yesterday. If you often leave your car in unguarded parking lots, it is better to give preference to devices with a magnetic mount. Everything is simple with them: you leave the car – put the gadget in the glove compartment, returned – hooked it back.

Radar detector

The ranges in which he works. The main characteristic of the radar detector. It is desirable that the ranges K, Ka and laser meters be included. The quality of work, alas, can only be verified empirically.

Signature module. The detector can respond to signals not only from police radars, but also from sensors from remotely opening doors and active cruise control systems. The presence of signatures in the electronic brains of the device can significantly reduce the number of false positives.

The presence of a base of stationary posts. All cities are hung with cameras and radars like a Christmas tree toys. By the way, some of them are just dummies. If there is a radar base, the device sends a signal in advance, regardless of the presence of radiation – in most cases this is enough. Databases should be able to update.

If you already have a video recorder, just buy a radar detector as a separate device – read in our guide how to choose it correctly


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