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How wireless irons work

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The device consists of the iron itself and the base, which heats the plate. The approximate heating time is 10 seconds. Ironing time will depend on the specific model and can range from 30 seconds to several minutes. Some devices have a beep that indicates that it is necessary to place the product on the base. These devices have a number of advantages and disadvantages compared to conventional wired models. The most important thing is the lack of wire. Indeed, in many stationary models it is the twisting of the wire that causes breakdowns. Also, wireless models have the ability to reach anywhere, and this makes it easy to smooth out all the folds. This makes it possible to iron with any hand, without adapting to the wire.

However, for a number of advantages, the following disadvantages can be noted: Because of the frequent placement at the base, it becomes difficult to iron clothes made from complex fabrics; The need to control the level of heating of the sole; Do not place the iron in an upright position, as this will damage it. Recommendations for using the device In order to have as few questions as possible during the process, you need to study the manufacturer’s recommendations for working with the device. First you need: Set the correct mode for the fabric; It is recommended to set the required temperature before connecting the device to the network. Since otherwise, it may cause damage to the temperature controller. Watch for sound or light signals on the product, as they indicate readiness for work; If you need to interrupt, put the iron on a stand; In the event that the iron is on the base for more than 2 minutes, and it is connected to the network, most models trigger the auto power off function.

Rules for product selection

In order not to make a mistake when buying a product, you need to know what points you should pay attention to. For example: Convenience of the stand; Heating and cooling time; Power; Sound accompaniment; Use cases with wire; Sole; Availability of additional features. The presence of a stand is a mandatory attribute that should be included with the iron. Since it is from her that he is charging. In the store, you can ask the seller to install the model on a stand and see how much they find contacts, and whether it is necessary to make some efforts. The heating time and duration of work is a very important criterion, since it depends on it how long you can work without recharging. The charging speed is also very important, because it depends on how quickly you can get to work. The power will depend on how well the device will cope with complex folds on the fabric. But it is worth remembering that the more watts, the higher the cost of the iron. The ability to use directly from the network will also be a nice bonus for the model. Indeed, some are sometimes more used to working the old fashioned way than working with an iron on a stand.

The soundtrack function will also be convenient. Then you can focus on the signal when the device is ready for use, or when it needs to be placed on a stand for recharging. This makes it possible to speed up the ironing process. Pay attention to the sole. It should be non-stick and have the same temperature over the entire surface. A set of additional functions is also an important aspect to which you should pay attention. This always comes as a pleasant bonus to the joy of the hostess. Some models have a vertical steam function, self-cleaning system and remote control. Of course, all this affects the cost of the product, so everyone decides for himself whether it is worth paying for it.

Top manufacturers

Top 10 Best Wireless Irons 2021 3

The cost and reliability of the product also depend on the manufacturer. These brands have established themselves as manufacturers of high-quality and durable devices. Therefore, before buying an iron, you should first of all pay attention to these companies: Philips; Tefal; Panasonic Redmond Polaris Philips is a Dutch brand that was founded in the 19th century, so everyone is familiar with the products of this company. Models of this brand occupy leading positions in many ratings. A feature of such irons is that they have the technology for adjusting steam and temperature, which makes ironing safer. Also, the products have a special nose, which allows you to iron under the button. The Panasonic brand is known for its audio and video equipment, however, in the iron market, they have established themselves as a reliable company. The features of the irons of this company include the titanium sole, as well as the nose, due to which the steam disperses evenly over the entire surface and smoothes wrinkles better. Many models have protection against deposits and blockages, which makes it convenient to use these products.

Redmond has been on the market for a relatively short time, but has already managed to subdue customers with its technology. Devices are assembled in China, but are quite reliable. The models of this brand have a number of features that are of interest to buyers. For example, there are smart models of irons that can be controlled through the application, and if you forget about the included iron, the application will notify you. Also, being a long distance, it will help you turn off the device.

Wireless Irons Rating


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The seventh line of the ranking is occupied by the iron from the REDMOND model SkyIron RI-C273S. The preference for this model is given to those who can not imagine their life without gadgets, since this product belongs to smart models and is controlled from the phone. It is worth noting that this wireless iron is good at ironing on the board and copes with the role of a vertical steamer. The advantage of this model is that it can be connected to an outlet and used as a regular stationary iron. The average cost of the device is about 2500 rubles. For this money, the power reaches 2500 W, and the steam boost is 150 g / min. From the reviews, we can conclude that the device is quite good, however, from far away it will not work to turn off the signal, it is necessary that there is another smartphone or tablet with an application at home, which will be responsible for turning off.

  • Stylish; Low cost; Cord Length 3 meters; Weight 1.1 kg; Capacious tank for water.
  • Steam is supplied only at maximum temperature; Short range.


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In sixth place is the iron from Polaris. A fairly stylish model that has a sole made of ceramics. It can be used with or without wire. Perfect for those who want to have a high-quality and reliable assistant at home and do not want to overpay for additional functions. Simple operation and reasonable price. The power of the device is 2400 W, and the steam boost is 150 g / min. As for constant steam, it is 35 g / min. The battery life is up to 40 seconds, and the charging time is only 5 seconds. The average cost is 3200 rubles. From customer reviews, it can be noted that the iron copes with the task well. However, not everyone is satisfied with wireless ironing, for some it is easier to use the device with work from the outlet.

  • Light weight; Convenient; Excellent steaming; Economical water consumption; There is a self-cleaning function; Two use cases; Long battery life..
  • There is no auto power off function; Inconvenient stand for charging.

Philips GC2088 Easyspeed plus
Top 10 Best Wireless Irons 2021 6

On the fifth line is the iron from Philips. Stylish enough and attractive design. It has an excellent set of functions and the ability to iron in two modes – offline and from the network. The charge lasts for about 20-25 seconds of ironing. A feature of the iron is a light signal that alerts you that the device must be put on the base. The charge time is 5 seconds, which is quite convenient in order to take new clothes or move the current one. It has a narrow nose and a ceramic sole surface. The length of the cord reaches two meters, and the mount goes on the ball, which is quite convenient. Heats up quite a lot, so you should be careful when ironing. The average cost is 6 thousand rubles. Power equals 2400 W, steam boost force 150 g / min. It has a self-cleaning function and auto power off.

  • Compact; Functional; Glides on the surface of clothing; Fast heating time; Convenient hole for water filling.
  • Short battery life.

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Fourth place is the model from Polaris. It can be said that it is the best representative in the price-quality ratio. Great for ironing clothes made of complex fabrics, as well as for ordinary things. The handle has a rubberized pad so that the hands do not slip during operation. There are also two modes of operation, autonomously and directly, with a connection to an outlet. It has a self-cleaning function. The nose is made narrower, which makes it easy to iron between buttons and in hard to reach places. Fast heating rate at the base. The ability to use without recharging is 40 seconds. The average cost is 2700 rubles. Judging by the reviews, we can conclude that this is a fairly convenient and functional iron that fully copes with its task. And low cost attracts many buyers to the device.

  • Rubberized handle; Ability to work directly from the network; Convenient nose; Self-cleaning system and anti-drop; Low cost; Ceramic sole.
  • There is no auto power off function.

Tefal FV9976
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On the third line of the rating is an iron from Tefal. A fairly powerful model, which has additional options. There is a function that allows you to automatically determine the power for supplying steam. It can self-clean, and also successfully copes with steaming things in an upright position. It is possible to conveniently fix the base on an ironing board. Charging time is very fast and is only 4 seconds. However, the battery life is only 25 seconds. The power of the device is 2600 watts. The strength of the steam boost is 200 g / min and the constant steam is 40 g / min. Has an anti-drip system, and also the capacity of the tank with water is 0.25 liters. Average cost: 8 thousand rubles.

  • Convenient handle; Convenient base that easily attaches to the board; Great steam boost; It copes well with vertical steaming; The sole can be self-cleaning.
  • Heavy weight; High price; There is no measuring cup for water in the kit; You can not put on the heel.

Top 10 Best Wireless Irons 2021 9

The second line in the ranking is occupied by the device from Philips model GC4595 / 40. This device is characterized in that it has a significant reservoir for water, as well as a long battery life. It will be an excellent option for buying in a large family, thanks to the high power, which is 2600 watts. There is a spray function and an anti-drip system. The power of steam boost is 180 g / min. It has automatic shutdown. Light weight, which is 1.5 kg, is convenient for work.

Beautiful and attractive design. It has an anti-scale function. The average cost of the model is 5000 rubles. From customer reviews, we can conclude that the model suits both in terms of its technical characteristics and appearance. Heats up quickly, holds a lot of water.

  • Auto power off function; Water tank 300 ml; The sole has a titanium coating; Powerful steam boost; Not leaking.
  • The water level in the tank is poorly visible.

Philips GC 2088
Top 10 Best Wireless Irons 2021 10

First place in the ranking is given to the iron from Braun. The model perfectly combines multifunctionality, reliability, as well as durability. This model can easily cope with a large number of clothes, so it can be used on an industrial scale. Power is 2400 W, the sole is made of cermet. The cable has a ball mount to the housing, which makes it convenient to use the device from the network. The capacity of the water tank is 400 ml, which is quite a lot for the iron. The device came to first place thanks to the presence of such functions as: Anti-scale; Constant steam supply reaches 50 g / min; Anti-drop system protects against leaks; Auto power off. The average cost of the product is about 4,500 rubles. Users note the good work, as well as the fact that the device copes well with steaming.

  • Auto power off after 5-10 seconds; Long cord; Measuring cup included; Attractive price; Durable outsole.
  • With constant use, the sole may leak; It cools for a long time; Steam is not regulated.

Making a choice in favor of one or another model, one should proceed not only from technical characteristics. But also from their financial capabilities. Soundly appreciate all the features that you will use, and only then proceed with the selection of the device. Do not overpay for what you will not use. Each model has its pros and cons, and it is worth remembering this when buying an iron in a store.



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