Beard transplant in a clinic

Why does a beard make men happy?
How to turn into a real brutal and feel like a fashionable guy

Every man tried to get a stylish unshaven or beard at least once in his life, but, alas, not everyone is allowed by nature. Demand for the appearance of a stern lumberjack or noble caballero does not fall, which was confirmed by the original competition held by the clinic. Tens of thousands of applicants from all over the world, from Magadan to Ireland, fought for the main prize – a “beard” for a beard transplant. Who became its lucky owner, learned the correspondent who visited the final ceremony.

Say no to baldness!
According to statistics, half of men after 30 years are doomed to say goodbye to the hair of youth. Smart bald patches or a masked bald patch, a neat bald spot or a billiard-clear skull – there are many options for loss. Variants of men’s attitudes toward this are less diverse: either the complete acceptance of naked truth, or secret suffering and attempts to struggle with nature by all means. Five years ago, bald ones found the opportunity to become hairy again – German technology for transplanting their own hair came to Russia.

It turns out that many men suffer very much from the fact that, due to a lack of testosterone, they cannot grow a beautiful mustache and a neat, dense beard of an ideal figure. Meanwhile, today, a beard is a fashionable topic, a global world trend. Representatives of the stronger sex of different countries dream of looking more courageously and grow facial hair, which allows a man to feel like a real brutal. For those who have problems with the beauty of the beard, the clinic just comes to the rescue- And, as doctors assure, their clients, having gained confidence with a beard, are easier to succeed in women and begin to live a more harmonious life.

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