Apple Support Video mentions AirTag tags

Apple has uploaded a video called “How to clean your iPhone” to your YouTube channel telling you how to reset your device to factory settings. Despite the fact that the video was promptly deleted, users managed to find in it a mention of the AirTag device, which is a personal tracker similar to Tile.

According to available data, the compact AirTag tracker can be attached to various objects, for example, a wallet, keys or a suitcase, so that if necessary it is easy to find an object using the Find My application. Another alleged AirTag feature is that a notification will be sent to the user’s iPhone if it is too far removed from the item to which the tag is attached. Most likely, the ultra-wideband U1 transceiver available on the latest iPhone models will be used to detect tags.

As for the mentioned video, in one of its parts the settings menu is shown on the screen, in which the AirTag device and its purpose are mentioned. It is indicated in the description of the menu item “Search offline.” It becomes clear that the purpose of AirTag is to search for items that cannot connect to Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

Apple has not yet announced a new product, so all the details about this device are still unknown. It is assumed that the mini-tracker AirTag will be presented in the second or third quarter of this year.

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