Apple Glasses: release date and specifications

When Google launched the first Glass smart glasses in 2013, many decided it would be the beginning of a revolution in the electronics market. But something went wrong with the wearable gadgets. By the beginning of the 20s, they were almost completely represented by all kinds of trackers and smart watches, but the glasses industry did not “take off”. And there were many reasons for this – from legislative restrictions on devices that fall into the category of spyware, to the lack of technology for such a product. But everything can change when Apple introduces its smart glasses.

Apple Glasses Release Date

Several sources in the fall of 2019 said that the first smart glasses from Apple will be released in 2020. So, according to the forecast of the famous analyst Min-Chi Kuo, the device will be shown at one of the company’s presentations. A reputable Taiwanese publication for the electronics industry DigiTimes, with reference to its own information, suggests that the gadget will be presented in the second half of 2020. And it is no coincidence that the journalists of the Republic of China disclose such information. Allegedly, the Taiwanese companies Quanta Computer and Pegatron have chosen Apple as the glasses manufacturing contractors. Which fits perfectly with Apple’s strategy to diversify its production base and partially transfer it from China. Another thing is also interesting – according to the same DigiTimes, the “apple company” entered into an agreement on the joint development of Glasses with the American computer game developer Valve. Which hints at who the gadget is for.

Apple Glasses Pricing

Talking about the price tag for a completely new class of devices is a thankless task. You can only name the price of the very specific Google Glass 3.0, released in 2017 and not sold in Russia. So, in the USA they will cost $ 1,400 (89.3 thousand rubles). Most likely, Apple’s product will cost even more.

Apple Glasses: release date and specifications 2

Apple Glasses Specifications

According to insiders, Apple is creating exactly the AR headset (“Augmented Reality”). Say, the head of the company, Tim Cook, believes that augmented reality has more prospects than VR, for commercial use. AR has high hopes, Cupertino hopes that this technology will repeat the success of the first iPhone. The product code name is Garta.


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