Apple AirTag release date and features

Apple is working on a Bluetooth tracking device like Tile, which is designed to connect to keys, wallets, and other small things to find them right in the Latitude app.

Based on information found in iOS 13.2 and rumors coming from Apple, MacRumors network informer concluded that the Cupertino giant plans to name the AirTag device.

AirTag is still under development, and there is no specific release date yet, but signs of preparation were found in beta versions of iOS 13. AirTag are small tracking tags with Bluetooth connectivity that can be used to search for lost items. There are several similar products on the market, such as Tile and Adero, but the Apple version will be integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

Apple AirTag Release Date

There were signs of AirTag in the internal build of Apple iOS 13 and later versions of iOS 13, but still the product is not expected until the end of 2020.

Min-Chi Kuo, who often accurately predicts Apple’s plans, believes Universal Scientific Industrial will begin shipping processors for AirTags from the second to third quarter of 2020. Kuo said earlier that AirTag will be launched in the first in half of 2020, so it is likely that Apple will introduce AirTag in early 2020, and later start selling.

Apple AirTag Pricing

It is not yet known how much Apple AirTags will cost, but similar products from companies such as Tile cost between $ 25-35 (2,000 – 3,000 rubles) for one Bluetooth tracker.

Apple’s AirTag can be priced in a similar way, or a bit more expensive, given that Apple is used to releasing new products at a price higher than peers.

Apple AirTag release date and features 1

Apple AirTag release date and features 2

Apple AirTag Specifications

AirTag will have built-in chips that allow them to connect to the iPhone, transmitting the position of the devices to which it is connected. You can use your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to track the location of your AirTag in the same way that you find missing Apple devices.

Based on images found in the internal assembly of iOS 13, AirTag is a small round tag with the Apple logo on the front panel. Presumably, they will dock to objects with glue or special fasteners, such as rings or carbines.

AirTag will appear on the new Elements tab, which will be available in the Latitude app next to your other Apple devices. With AirTags, Locator will become a universal app for everything you want to find. AirTags, like lost iPhone or iPad, will be displayed on the map, and they will indicate the address where they can be found.

Based on the code found in “iOS 13”, if you lose an item labeled “AirTag”, you will receive a notification on your iPhone. After that, you can click the button in the Locator application, which will make AirTag ring loudly so that you can find it if it is nearby.
If the item is not nearby and cannot be found, you can put it in lost mode. In this mode, if another iPhone user detects your item, he will be able to view the owner’s contact information to send you a text message or call you.

Also in the application “Locator” we are promised the opportunity to create safe places. If an item with an Apple tag is in it (for example, at your home), you will not receive a notification when you move away from it. But if you leave the area, then it will come. You can also share the location of items with friends and family.

Rumors that AirTag will be more accurate than a regular Bluetooth tracker hint that they are using ultra-wideband technology that offers indoor positioning. Apple’s latest iPhones have an ultra-wide U1 chip, so they can track the AirTag with more accuracy than when using Bluetooth only. The aforementioned Ming-Chi Kuo believes that using the ultra-wideband chip in AirTags “will improve the user experience of iOS apps for search and augmented reality (AR) by offering short-range measurement capabilities.”



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