SK Hynix launches new type of memory, DDR5-8400 on the horizon

As competitors and partners are increasingly pushing for the production of memory chips such as DDR5, South Korean company SK Hynix could not remain silent for a long time about its initiatives in this area. She begins serial production of DDR5 this year, and in the future she expects to conquer the line of DDR5-8400.

SK Hynix on the pages of the corporate website proudly recalled that back in November 2018, it developed a 16 Gb DDR5 chip, and it was later certified by the JEDEC committee. In a recent publication, the company spoke about the advantages and some characteristics of DDR5 memory, which it will start mass production in the current year.

When designing, SK Hynix pledged the achievement of DDR5-4800 mode, at least, but the standard itself will allow the company to create memory up to and including DDR5-8400. A significant increase in bandwidth will not be the only advantage of DDR5 memory. The number of memory banks will be increased from 16 to 32 pieces. Up to sixteen read-write operations will be performed in one transmission instead of the previous eight. The Same Bank Refresh function will allow the system to maintain access to other memory banks at the moment when one of them updates the contents. Finally, an error correction function will be implemented directly at the crystal level, as well as a noise suppression function.

The rated voltage will be reduced from 1.2 V to 1.1 V, which is expected to reduce specific energy consumption by up to 20% in terms of bandwidth compared to DDR4. SK Hynix will begin production of 16 Gb DDR5 chips using 10-nm class lithographic technology. Over time, she will offer monolithic 24 Gb DDR5 crystals. According to IDC forecasts, already in 2021, 22% of the demand will come from DDR5 memory, and in a year the figure will increase to 43%.

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