2020 Toyota Corolla Reviews, and Pictures

Toyota Corolla is a front-wheel-drive sedan of a golf class (aka “C-segment” by European standards), which in the Japanese company itself is called nothing more than a “business sedan in a compact format,” which can boast an expressive design, high-quality and roomy interior , with modern technology and a rich set of options … This three-volume vehicle has a “diverse” target audience – that is, it is suitable for young people, couples and the elderly … The best-selling car in the world in mid-November 2018 once again survived “Generational change” – the world debut of the twelfth-generation sedan (factory labeling “E210”) took place almost simultaneously at the international auto show in Chinese Guangzhou and at a special event in California Carmel.

In general, the four-door retained a certain conservatism, but at the same time compared with its predecessor, it changed dramatically, in many respects closely approaching the “older” Camry, it became more elegant in appearance and more progressive inside, “moved” to the modular platform, “armed” with new motors ( but not for Russia) and received a large number of modern options.

The car reached the Russian market in February 2019, having undergone “special training” for local operating realities — increased ground clearance, special chassis settings and an expanded set of “winter” equipment. Outside, the twelfth generation Toyota Corolla is perceived as a smaller Camry, which clearly benefits it – the sedan looks really attractive, moderately aggressive, balanced, mature and at the same time quite peculiar. Full-front car flaunts predatory optics (in the “top” versions – full LED) and a massive bumper, a large share of which is occupied by an extensive radiator grille with small horizontal “blinds”, and from the rear it attracts the eye with its hot outline with stylish “blades” of lamps connected between a chrome jumper, and embossed bump in relief. Yes, and in profile, the sedan is beautiful – it has a squat silhouette, emphasized by a sloping hood, a smoothly descending roof line, expressive sidewalls and a muscular stern with a falling trunk.

The Corolla 2020 model year is a typical representative of the C-class by European standards: the car has a length of 4630 mm, of which a center distance extends for 2700 mm, does not exceed 1780 mm in width, and fits into a height of 1435 mm. The ground clearance of the three-volume is 150 mm, and the size of the front and rear tracks is 1530 mm and 1540 mm, respectively. Curb machine weighs from 1370 to 1440 kg, depending on version.

The interior of the “twelfth” Toyota Corolla pleases with modern architecture – it looks really beautiful, progressive and even moderately solid. The touchscreen of the multimedia complex rises above the center console (its diagonal is 7 or 8 inches), under which there are ventilation deflectors and a stylish climate control panel.

The three-spoke multi-steering wheel with a “chubby” rim and the “smart” instrument cluster with a 7-inch display in the center, displaying a large array of useful information, to which analog scales are attached to the sides, successfully fit into the design. But in fairness, it is worth noting that such an entourage is inherent only in expensive equipment, while in simple versions, instead of a tablet, a terrible gray plug or a half monochrome display will “flaunt” on the dashboard, and the “toolbox” they have is represented by completely pointer devices with 4.2-inch “window” on-board computer. In general, the interior of the golf-sedan is distinguished by well-thought-out ergonomics, high-quality finishing materials (although in some places there is still openly budget plastic) and good workmanship.

The twelfth-generation Toyota Corolla has a five-seat layout. The front riders rely on comfortable seats with a well-defined lateral profile, an optimum filler density and sufficient adjustment ranges. On the second row is an ergonomically shaped sofa with three headrests and a normal (but nothing more) supply of free space. True, additional “privileges” (armrest with cup holders, own ventilation deflectors and heating) are not provided for simple versions. The trunk of the Corolla is average by the standards of the C-segment: in normal condition, its volume is 471 liters. At the same time, there are no devices for fixing luggage, and the second row of seats, folded in two sections, forms an impressive step that reduces the already small opening. But regardless of the configuration, the underground hides a full-size spare wheel and a minimal set of tools. On the Russian market, the twelfth-generation Toyota Corolla is equipped with only one gasoline engine – a four-cylinder 1.6-liter aspirated engine with in-line architecture, aluminum side and cylinder heads, multi-point fuel injection, variable valve timing on both shafts and a 16-valve DOHC type timing which generates 122 horsepower at 6050 rpm and 153 Nm of torque at 5200 rpm. By default, the engine mates with a 6-speed “manual” gearbox and front axle drive wheels, and for a surcharge it can be equipped with a multidrive stepless V-belt variator with a torque converter (which has the option of partial blocking).

The compact sedan is not impressive with its “driving” characteristics – it accelerates from standstill to 100 km / h after 10.8-11 seconds, and reaches a maximum of 185-195 km / h. Depending on the modification, for each “hundred” mileage in the combined cycle, the four-door consumes 6.3 to 6.6 liters of fuel. It is worth noting that in Europe the car is offered with other power plants – this is a 1.6-liter “four”, issuing 132 hp, and a hybrid drive with a 1.8-liter engine and an electric motor, the total power of which is 122 hp At the heart of the twelfth generation Toyota Corolla is the GA-C front-wheel drive “trolley” with a transversely oriented power unit – one of the derivatives on the TNGA modular platform.

The sedan has a steel body, but its hood is made of aluminum. Independent suspensions are used on both axes of the machine: front – MacPherson type construction, rear – multi-link system assembled on a subframe (“in a circle” with anti-roll bars). The car is equipped with rack and pinion steering and an integrated electric power steering, and all its wheels are equipped with disc brakes (ventilated on the front axle), supplemented by ABS and EBD. On the Russian market, the “twelfth” Toyota Corolla is sold in five trim levels to choose from – Standard, Classic, Comfort, Prestige and Prestige Safety. The car in the basic version with a “manual” transmission will cost from 1,173,000 rubles, and its functionality consists of: four airbags, ABS, EBD, ASR, ERA-GLONASS system, four power windows, air conditioning, heated front seats, a light sensor , heating and electric mirrors, 15-inch steel wheels and audio sub

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