20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021

Each holiday presents parents with a choice: what gift to give the child? I always want the new toy to be of interest to the child not for a couple of days, but for a long time. To do this, consider the age of the child and his wishes.

TOP 25 popular toys 2021

1. LOL doll

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 2 The LOL doll is a miniature toy in a ball. When buying it is impossible to guess which particular toy will fall. The set includes the doll itself, a bottle, a dress, shoes and various stickers. Each toy has its own peculiarity. To find out which one, you need to give it water to drink from a bottle. The doll can drink, spit, go to the toilet or change color. For children from 3 years old.

2. Baby Born Doll (Baby Bon)

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 3 Baby Bon is a super-popular baby doll among girls of all ages. The doll is very similar to a small child. She is quite large 43 cm, can drink from a bottle and go to the potty. All the necessary baby care accessories for Baby Bon are included: a bottle, food for a doll, a nipple, a pot and a diaper. Baby Bon is released in different versions: baby doll, Sorceress, Sister and others. For children from 3 years old.

3. Draw with light

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 4 Set for drawing in the dark “Draw with light” – a unique gift for aspiring artists. The tablet has a special coating that retains light on the surface. The drawing is applied with a special marker with a light beam. The main rule – you need to draw in the dark, so that the picture is bright. After 15 minutes, the image will begin to fade. The picture will completely disappear after 1.5 hours.

4. Nerf Nitro

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 5 Nerf Nitro is a unique starting device for racing cars. Included in the line of toy weapons Nerf from Hasbro. The set includes the starting device itself, cars, a springboard and other obstacles. There is a large line of Nerf blasters that shoot like real guns. Bullets are safe as they are made of soft foam.

5. Unicorn Poopsie Surprise Unicorn

6. Bumblebee virtual reality mask

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 6 The mask can superimpose surround videos on top of a real image of the environment. To do this, you need to install a special application on your smartphone and insert the phone into the toy. Now, looking at your room, you can see opponents and boldly fight them. The mask is conveniently attached to the head with a strap. Also included are glasses, a glove and augmented reality discs.


20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 7


Interactive FINGERLINGS on a finger conquered the whole world. After all, 12-centimeter toys behave like real monkeys! They know how to hold on to a finger or hang on their tail. Thanks to the built-in sensors, the toy reacts to the actions of its owner: it moves, blinks, sings songs or falls asleep. In total, the monkey performs about 40 actions and makes 50 different sounds.

8. Barbie doll

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 8 Barbie has remained at the peak of popularity since 1945, when it began to be released. The doll has many variations that modern girls will like. For example, the very flexible Barbie from the series “Limitless Movements”, Barbie the Rainbow Little Mermaid or Fairy with fluttering wings. There are also many options for doll houses for this doll and an incredible variety of additional accessories: furniture, appliances, outfits, jewelry, pets.

9. Toys and sets “My Little Pony”

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 9 Incredibly popular toys My Little Pony from the same cartoon created for girls 3-8 years old. The manufacturer produces different versions of ponies: small collectible figures, soft plush toys, as well as interactive ones. In addition, game sets are sold. For example, “Magic Castle Twinkle” has a huge number of accessories and game locations. There is a moving merry-go-round for pony mermaids, a water slide, an elevator, spinning terraces and many other finds.

10. Toys “Littlest Pet Shop” (pets)

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 10 Little pets pets from the pet store are not only the heroes of the popular cartoon, but also favorite toys for little girls. You can find large soft pets, mini-figures and play sets. There are a lot of pets, so you can choose a toy animal to your liking: bunnies, pandas, bears, hamsters, kittens and others. For children from 3 years old.

11. Toys and sets “Paw Patrol”

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 11 Rescue puppies from the cartoon of the same name have long been popular with Russian children and will be a good gift for a child. Toys are sold both separately and in sets. One of the largest suites is called the Lifeguard Office. It includes the base of the puppy patrol, which has a slide and a pillar for quick descent, an elevator and a periscope, as well as a police car. When a button is pressed at the base of the office, sound and light effects are activated. For children from 3 years old.

12. The racing track “MagicTracks”

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 12 racing cars. From the details you can collect the road of any shape. It can bend, be convex, rotate in any direction, or even form a ring. The detail is important – the road glows in the dark. For children from 3 years old.

13. The constructor of LEGO

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 13 Lego – remains the most popular designer among children and adolescents. For each age, the manufacturer has released several series of designers, united by one theme. For example, LEGO Girlfriends and Disney Princesses are a series of game sets for girls. For boys, the popular LEGO City, Ninjago and Star Wars series are popular.

14. Dogs in a purse Chi Chi Love

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 14 Chi Chi Love is plush dogs in a purse, realistic prototypes of the Chihuahua breed. This accessory is suitable for young fashionistas who dream of their glamorous pet. Each dog has his own clothes, and a carrying bag will become a designer masterpiece if supplemented with stickers included in the set. For children from 5 years old.

15. Transformers

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 15 Transformers are easily transformed from a robot to a car and vice versa thanks to articulated mechanisms. With both figures you can come up with exciting games. Robots are made of high quality durable plastic. For children from 3 years old.

16. Pet On A Leash Furreal Friends

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 16 Lovely pets on a leash almost like real ones. They eat special food, go to the toilet, and you can also walk with them in a special collar. Such a gift will help to understand whether your child is ready to care for a real pet. Suitable for children 4-8 years old.

17. Spider Yellies

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 17 These interactive Yellies spiders are adorable cuties. But they are afraid of noise and screams. Their built-in sensors respond to sound. The louder the scream, the faster the spiders scatter in different directions. The collection contains 6 spiders of different colors, with different faces. Great toy for a fun company of children.

18. Play-Doh “Create the World”

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 18 Plasticine Play Do is Hasbro’s ageless brand. This is a special plasticine, which is much softer and more elastic than usual and does not stick to hands. Hasbro’s Play-Doh Super Game is the Create World set. With it, you can make cartoons! Blind the character, put it on a special platform that comes with the kit, and scan it using the free Play-Doh app on your smartphone or tablet. Your character will “come to life” and fall into a virtual fairy-tale world. For children from 3 years old.

19. Game sets from Sylvanian Families

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 19 All sets of Sylvanian Families are connected by one plot – these are funny forest animals who live in their houses. One of the sets is called Mary’s House. Miniature furniture and various accessories will create a cozy atmosphere in the toy house where the rabbit Maria lives. For children from 3 years old.

20. 3D pen

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 20 3D pen for modeling volumetric figures. This gift will allow the child to reveal his creative potential. The kit has everything you need to create volumetric figures. The 3D model is obtained from a special liquid plastic and looks very nice. For children from 6 years old.

21. Sets of experiments

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 21 Sets of experiments and experiments in a fascinating way teach the child the basics of chemistry, physics, agronomy, archeology and other sciences. A large number of such sets have been invented. You can grow crystals, make lizuns, blow up a mini-volcano. More details are written in this review. A good gift for a child of 6 years and older.

22. Racing track Hot Wheels

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 22 Hot Wheels is a good present for a racing enthusiast. Using the kit, you can build your own track, where there will be all kinds of obstacles, turns and even complex loops. All track details are compatible with other Hot Wheels designers and are suitable for many cars. For children from 5 years old.

23. Perplexus Puzzle

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 23 Perplexus is a voluminous labyrinth in a ball, inside of which there are 22 sharp turns and a small metal ball. The task is to roll the ball through all the obstacles. The toy contributes to the development of logic, attentiveness and perseverance. There are cheaper counterparts: the difference in manufacturer and size. For children from 6 years old.

24. Heroes of popular cartoons

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 24 Cartoon characters are children’s favorite toys. The main thing is to choose the right hero. In this catalog you will definitely find your favorite hero for your daughter and son. “Mi-Mi-Bears”, “Masha and the Bear”, “Peppa Pig”, “Heroes in Masks”, “Luntik”, “Fixies” and other characters from Russian and foreign cartoons. In total, more than 50 cartoons! You can buy interactive and soft toys, as well as play sets with cartoon characters.

25. Hoverboard

20 Popular Toys for Kids in 2021 25 Not only children, but also adults dream of a gyro scooter. The mega-popular gadget will be a long-awaited gift for both boys and girls. Driving a hoverboard is easy. A gyroscope is built into the device, which senses the slightest displacements of the center of gravity of the rider. Lean slightly to the sides or just push with your feet and the gyro scooter will go in the right direction. Children are better off buying the lightest gyro scooters weighing up to 10 kg. with a large battery capacity for 20-25 km. without recharging. Recommended from 10 years.


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