10 Tips on Being a Good Mother A FEW HOURS OF REST

Recently, I laughed very much when a friend told me that she was cutting the baby ‘s nails at night with a flashlight that was attached to her forehead.

I myself had to resort to an unexpected decision and wrap the child ‘s legs over rubberized pants and rubber boots with a food film. The baby categorically refused not to jump on the puddles, and the water poured through the top of the boots. Mom will find a way out for any baby challenge!

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Life hacks for life

1. It is very convenient when there is a “strategic supply” of home semi-finished products in the freezer. Then it will take quite a little time and effort to prepare frozen varenics, pelmenians, pigeons, pancakes or teatles. No, we don ‘t offer tired moms to spend all day on kitchen manufacture. Your task is to organize relatives and friends during the creative process in the kitchen. The first party evening is better to spend before childbirth (especially if children are two, besides – weather), then simply to continue a wonderful tradition. By the way, now kitchen seats have become a trendy entourage for a family photo shoot! Double benefit.

famaly happy

2. Spend on good and comfortable kitchen gadgets. A multivarca and a blender in the top of the required list. Multivarca is very beneficial in allowing you to cook a dish without your personal presence. You can enjoy lunch immediately after returning from a walk, or morning porridge immediately after waking up. Just keep in mind that every dish you leave in the multivark at home in your absence must be tried out by you earlier. Sometimes recommendations and instructions and books of special recipes for this device do not pass the test of real cooking.

Mon and Kitchen

3.Try to keep order, not to clean it up at different intervals. Enter a strict rule (and first of all, observe it yourself) to put everything in place immediately after use. For children, this will soon develop into a small game. My little son always reminds me of “in place,” after the umbrella dries up, or I turn off the hairdryer.

4. It is better to dry linen in this way: spread folds, shirts and blouses immediately hang on shoulders, hang on “groups,” so then it is easier to remove it and fold it in place. Ironing clothes is more convenient from the evening, so it is worth coming up with outfits for tomorrow. And a lot of what we used to iron, such as babies “things, underwear and bed linen is wrong and needs this procedure.

5. Morning is the most tumultuous time, especially for moms. To feed the family quickly and usefully, try cooking lazy oatmeal in a can. Show fantasy in selecting the components, mix the ingredients and put in the fridge for the night. Such a dish will certainly decorate your morning selfies and improve your well-being.

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Life hack to entertain the baby and care for him

6. Put a “box with a secret” (or several at once), where put all kinds of everything (covers, cans, splinters, small toys made of chocolate eggs and corn sticks), which will take the child for a few minutes in case of extreme necessity.

7. In the kitchen it is also possible to distract the baby with thematic magnets to the refrigerator, from bottles with legumes and cereals there will be excellent spontaneous burning.

8. Try to master one of the techniques of independent falling asleep of the child. If this is unacceptable to you, at least don ‘t get used to the baby in a wheelchair and on your hands. Over time, it becomes very tedious, and the child is taught to fall asleep in a crib.

9. Show the child cartoons or not – each parent decides itself. But if you do let the child go to gadgets, it will be better to 20 minutes of developing cartoons on the big screen of the computer than a mindless “hang-up” in mom ‘s smartphone. My baby somehow invisible to me learned to count up to 10 in English, watching a video about a steam locomotive that carried numbers.

10. When the baby is very capricious, we sometimes suggest that he see his grandmother, grandfather or uncle through Skype sessions. The mole is rapidly changing mood, he proudly shows or tells about everything new that he recently learned. Loved ones can even sing a song or tell a fairy tale on the other side of the screen. Still better than even the favorite cartoon a hundred times.

11. If a child likes to paint smastered like a real artist, it is better for her mother to purchase a special accessory for the protection of clothes. In case you have not yet had time to purchase a device, and creative inspiration has visited the mole, it is possible to use food film for the same purposes.

12. When a child starts walking, it immediately becomes clear whether or not the floor is slippery in the house. If the answer is positive, special toes with a rubberized sole will come to help. You don ‘t want to spend? You can apply puffins on your toes yourself with an adhesive gun.

13. Door limiters can also be made independently. This will require “nudls” (an inexpensive powder stick for aquaaerobics).

14. When Dad (honor to him and praise!) goes for a walk with a grown-up baby, it is very uncomfortable before leaving to transfer all necessary little things from mom ‘s handbag to Daddy. Besides, men very much do not like to wear something In. buy your husband for such cases nice kango trousers with a lot of Pman. they will easily fit wet and dry wipes, a small bottle of water and packing p Such a “walking” wardrobe item will save nerves and you

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Lifehack for health

15. When the crochet cuts its teeth, it can be offered a frozen nipple to alleviate unpleasant symptoms in the gums.  Set aloe and kalanchoe on the window sill. The juice of these unhinged plants treat the cold perfectly.


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