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Top 10 Best ipod classic docking station in 2020 for iPod/iPhone/iPad

The dock will allow you to squeeze the maximum out of your iDevice. There are a huge number of models for any taste. What Hi-Fi magazine will help to understand this abundance. The dock will allow you to squeeze the maximum out of your iDevice. There are a huge number of models for any taste. What Hi-Fi magazine will help to understand this abundance.


iLuv iMM727, 5500-
Logitech S715i, 7500-


JBL OnBeat Xtreme, 17 000-
Monitor Audio i-deck 200, 20 000-


Arcam rCube, 32 000-
Geneva Model M, 41 000-

Don ‘t be afraid of the price; This category has models with excellent sound.

1iLuv iMM727

You can fit a iPad, iPhone, or iPod into its customizable rotating slot. The dock has a 3.5-millimeter input as well as a USB port to connect to the computer. There are also two free internet radio and alarm clock applications. Unfortunately, the quality of sound is not inspiring: there is a lack of energy, and the level of HR is too low.

iLuv iMM727

VERDICT: The equipment of this dock is high, including iPad support, but the sound quality does not match it

Speaker Dock iMM727BLK
Speaker Dock iMM727BLK
Flexible viewing options; innovative arm tilts and rotates

2Logitech S715i

For success in this category of model, it is necessary to be simple and efficient, and S715i is exactly this. The portable dock is capable of operating from a battery for 8 hours; Carry case is attached. It is very elegant; The built-in socket cover flips back to form a reliable base for the player. Install it in the socket before clicking and control playback from the tiny remote control panel.

Logitech S715i

S715i creates an incredibly powerful and large-scale sound for its modest dimensions; It is characteristic of soft HF and dense bass.

Speaker Dock Logitech S715i
Speaker Dock Logitech S715i
Plays and charges your iPod and iPhone

VERDICT: In the asset Logitech S715i – excellent sound, portable case and affordable price

The battle in this category is the hottest.

3Monitor Audio i-deck 200

In essence, i-deck 200 is simply a dock with IVS for iPod and iPhone: without support for iPad, wireless connection and even without USB port for charging other devices. Of the additions, there is only a 3, 5 mm entrance and a nice rounded DU console.

Monitor Audio i-deck 200

Two 4-inch NF speakers, two 25-millimeter tweeters with metal domes, and an NF control system create dock sound, and an automatic phase correction system adjusts the balance to its room position.

The i-deck 200 sound has always been excellent; Among the new competitors, it has become even more spectacular. Doc pleases with tight bass and excellent dynamics, giving the composition energy. Luxurious HF are not prone to brightness, the voice sounds natural.

If the quality of the sound is most important to you, for this price with i-deck few will be able to argue.

VERDICT: Excellent quality without unnecessary “torments”; Leader in sound

4JBL OnBeat Xtreme

In creating this model, designers definitely worked hard; The design, as well as the quality of manufacture and finish, are simply striking. Surprisingly bright, but undoubtedly attractive appearance significantly increases the shares of the model in this ultra-modern and incredibly mobile market segment. In addition, its dimensions seem ideal to us.

JBL OnBeat Xtreme

You can place iPod, iPhone, or iPad in both a vertical and horizontal position in a adjustable, rechargeable rotating socket.

At the back, you ‘ll find a 3.5-millimeter input, a USB port to connect to your computer and sync with iTunes, and a composite video output. In addition, OnBeat Xtrium supports Bluetooth wireless technology, which will allow you not only to broadcast music from a compatible smartphone, tablet, player, or computer, but also to talk over wireless hands-free if your phone is connected.

The JBL Weave design includes two JBL Ridge tweeters and Atlas SCH/NHF speakers; It is equipped with branded digital sound processing technology and a 120 W amplifier. At its dimensions (23 cm in height and 44 in width), the density and flakiness of the sound are simply amazing.

Doc admires the solid and enthused bass; Depth and power are combined with excellent control, so that LF do not fill into other components of the frequency spectrum. On this reliable basis, excellent dynamics have been built; Frontal and rear boundaries of notes are precisely defined, thanks to which sound leads listeners from half-turn.

Live HF shows excellent tonal balance. Voices are clear and clearly discernible, especially at high volume; Depth of study provides accurate transmission of passion and emotion of vocal.

Bluetooth works reliably and the sound quality is much higher than one might expect.

JBL and OnBeat can be described as the ideal premium dock station. It combines practical dimensions with large-scale sound; She is best able to balance the purity and enthusiasm of the HF with the weight and density of the HF.

In addition to its admirable sound quality, this dock boasts ultra-modern equipment, wireless streaming and iPad support. What else do you want?

Docks in this category promise “real Hi-Fi.”

5Arcam rCube

This is the first premium portable dock: it runs up to eight hours offline. It has Made for iPod and Made for 3, iPhone, 5mm input and video output certificates. Wireless operation is provided by Kleer technology (at an additional cost). The Apple compatible rWand module costs $150 and the rWave USB module costs $160. One module can broadcast to four rCube; In addition, one rCube can broadcast directly to others.

But the main criterion is not functionality, but sound. More and more listeners choose docks as the main component of the system, and models in this price range are entitled to expect a true Hi-Fi sound. It ‘s what rCube have. Daddy Emeli Sand√© is striking with detail unthinkable previously for dock stations with an AU. The sound is not of huge scale or super-powerful bass, but it is surprisingly musical and mature. It is worth noting that rCube plays better near the wall; If the sound seems too lightweight, press the bass boost button at the back. Perhaps the NF is not the deepest, but it is the most rhythmic among all participants, which makes the sound infectious and exciting. Arcam rCube is an exceptionally talented dock station; Competitors have nothing to count on yet.

VERDICT: Refined sound and modern technology

6Geneva Model M

This dock is in many ways contrary to familiar ideas. It can ‘t boast a wealth of features and connectors: FM radio only and a 3.5-millimeter entrance on the back panel. It has no wireless network support, no applications and multi-feature, no spectacular appearance; Even the name is deliberately chosen so as not to attract attention – it denotes the dimensions of the dock relative to other products of the same line (it now includes models from XS to XL). What the Model M has not been taken away from is a great sound, which we haven ‘t seen in the most daring dreams at the time of entering the market for iPod players and dock stations for them. Those times, however, are long behind us. The premium sector of dock stations has become an arena of competition, and the rules of the game have changed.

Geneva Model M

Perhaps not everyone will agree with us, but we highly appreciate the business style of Model M. Similarity of the design of most columns has serious reasons, and it is not surprising that with docks with AC the same story. The rigour of manufacture, as well as the quality of finishing and processing, gives out a truly high class. Modest in-view regulators on the top panel work reliably; A sufficiently large but thin and comfortable remote control provides full control.

The quality of the Model M sound leaves most dock stations with an AU far behind – as should be expected at such a high price. Devais sounds voluminous and airborne; Strong percussion sounds demonstrate impeccable accuracy of the boundaries of each note, the voices are pure and natural. Bass is powerful, but it doesn ‘t overload the listener ‘s attention. It is worth noting that records of higher quality, in formats without compression, are played even more accurately.

However, young and relatable competitors have something to oppose. The lack of wireless support for the most expensive test model is very frustrating. In addition, thanks to a more powerful and large-scale sound, the new rivals exceed its quality of filling the room and the ability to throw a scoring party.

Nevertheless, fans of the clean, refined and musical sound of the Model M will still be excellent.

VERDICT: Simple and surprisingly musical, Model M is still good

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